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Gluten free bread recipe they'll actually eat

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AnonyMusty Mon 10-Aug-15 09:02:50

Gluten free bread
I'm at the end of my tether on the GF bread stakes.
I've tried a number of GF recipes and even decided to buy a Thermie based on my need to find the ultimate GF bread for my children.
Result: they still don't like the ones I've tried to make. The Thermie one they find too dry. Personally, I think it's good (it slices without breaking up, for a start!).
Hey ho, ultimately I'm sick n tired of wat hung my 4 and 7 year old lick the filling/ spread off and leave the bread.
Solutions please!!!
They would happily eat regular bread or shop bought GF but my son is gluten intolerant (his tummy swells and he gets am upset tummy) and I like to give the, organic produce as E numbers drive him a bit potty.

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