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Buffet ideas and logistical help!

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HappyAsASandboy Fri 07-Aug-15 09:17:44

I am planning a christening, which will be on a Sunday morning as part of the normal service. I would then like to have people back to our house for buffet/sandwiches, cakes etc, but I'm struggling to work out the logistics.

We will probably be about 30 adults and 10 children under the age of 10 years. I'd like to do a buffet/cold lunch, and wouldn't normally be too daunted by doing salad/quiche/sandwiches/cakes etc for this many, but obviously I'll be in church at the christening all morning, so I can't work out how to do the food.

I would rather do it myself than get a caterer in, but will get someone in if I have to.

Can I make up cheese boards, salads, cold meat plates etc on the Saturday and leave them cling filmed in the fridge overnight? Will it all dry out/wilt/go soggy?

Am I kidding myself that I can get back from church and lay out food from the fridge/oven without either neglecting my guests or messing up the food?

Should I be doing something other than salad/sandwiches type buffet and how would it work?


Orangedaisy Fri 07-Aug-15 09:21:49

You can definitely make up platters of cheese, meat etc the night before. Serve with baguettes (the part baked ones, pop in the oven when you get in from church). Rope in help from a couple of friends while others watch the kids. No one will mind de-cling filming and chopping bread for you.

cdtaylornats Fri 07-Aug-15 12:58:57

You could do something in a slow cooker like chilli with halved pitta so people can help themselves, or go Italian and serve antipasta with bread, easy to buy stuffed peppers, olives etc from the deli.

Dancingqueen17 Fri 07-Aug-15 14:13:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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