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Please can someone tell me if I can make this in advance and how (food issues) would be super grateful :)

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GobblersKnob Thu 06-Aug-15 21:53:04

I make this all the time and want to make it for guests on Saturday.

Could I assemble it tomorrow then put it in the fridge and cook it on Saturday, or would it be better to cook it too and then fridge and reheat?

Have crap food issues and worry about food poisoning, worry if it would be safe, sorry, probably sound like a wanker.

AgentProvocateur Thu 06-Aug-15 21:55:36

It would be safe either way.

MrsBertMacklin Thu 06-Aug-15 21:57:19

Safe either way as Agent said, but if you cook and reheat, will you also get the extra tastiness that comes with food fusing together, e.g. like curries?

foolonthehill Thu 06-Aug-15 22:00:08

This is my receipe for the same thing which freezes very well but if you like the crispy texture at the edges you need to grill it on high just before serving after heating it through more gently


4 large floury potatoes (about 900 g), peeled and cut into 1-1.5 cm-thick slices
3 medium-sized courgettes (about 750 g), cut into 1-1.5 cm-thick slices
3 onions (about 200 g), thinly sliced*
4 small aubergine (about 600 g), cut into 2-2.5 cm-thick slices
3 small green peppers (about 450 g), cut in large pieces
A handful (about 25 g) fresh flat-leaf parsley, roughly chopped plus extra for sprinkling over the dishes
4 medium-sized tomatoes (about 500 g), chopped or 400 g canned chopped tomatoes
250 ml extra virgin olive oil
65 g tomato paste
350 ml water
Black pepper, freshly ground

GobblersKnob Thu 06-Aug-15 22:00:30

Thanks both, yes MrsBertMacklin you might be right, it cooks for aaaaages in the oven anyway, but it might give it an extra kick.

Is really surprisingly delicious for such a simple recipe smile

CMOTDibbler Thu 06-Aug-15 22:01:49

I'd assemble and then cook on Saturday - it would be safe either way, but sometimes I think potato reheats with a funny texture.

GobblersKnob Thu 06-Aug-15 22:02:56

Thanks foolonthehill, what size dish do you cook that in and for how long? I usually use two pretty large shallow trays to get lots of crispy ;)

LovelyFriend Thu 06-Aug-15 22:03:14

looks great - though I would also add a lot of garlic dragon

foolonthehill Fri 07-Aug-15 10:49:25

yes 2 large lasagne dishes...... and as long and low as I have time for with a quick high temp blast at the end (2-3 hours) sometimes I cover it for the first half.....I'm not very consistent but it seems to come out well whatever!

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