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A quick mince / microwave defrost question

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Totality22 Thu 06-Aug-15 17:38:07

Have a portion of spag bol (say 200g) that I forgot to take out of freezer.

I am relatively new to having a microwave but can I defrost using that? Seems to have "weights" for defrosting as opposed to times (so 0.2kg is just over 3 minutes?)

Anyhoo, question is when I defrost I assume this wont warm / cook the mince if I do it for the right amount of time?

I assume I then pop in a pan and heat as normal?

dementedpixie Thu 06-Aug-15 17:44:18

Yes you can defrost in the microwave. Some bits will defrost faster than others and will heat up. I would defrost, mix it up and then continue to heat it to piping hot in the microwave. Saves making a pot dirty too.

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