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Nice easy dinner ideas - lets share

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mrsmeerkat Sun 02-Aug-15 14:21:28

Just looking for some new ideas - perhaps all in one dishes

Pork chops and roasted vegetables
Today I cooked marinated pork chops with new potatoes and courgettes, red onion, carrots, sweet peppers in the oven and went down a treat without much fuss or clearing up

Cajun Salmon
In an oven bag I place a few fillets of salmon with cajun spices and serve with mash and steamed brocolli

Quickest risotto in the world
I fry chopped chicken breast with frozen onions and peppers and add a bag of microwave rice and herbs

thouroghlymodernfanny Tue 04-Aug-15 19:53:23

Mmmm pork sounds lovely

Pasta is my go to- cook linguine, add some nice oil, chopped garlic, parsley and chilli. Done

Carbonara- fry lardons, grate Parmesan, cook pasta, combine everything when cooked and hot with one egg and an egg yolk ( beaten together obv) and lots of pepper

Chicken noodle soup- fry cubed chicken breast, cubed carrot, and onion in butter for five minutes, add in cubed courgette, garlic, thyme and mushroom if you like, fry for another few mins. Tablespoon of flour stirred in to coat chicken and veg for a minute and add chicken stock( yes I use a cube) . Chuck in either tiny pasta or broken noodles for the last five to ten. ( or neither for a low carb/cal version) add chopped parley for colour if you want. I sprinkle chilli flakes or black pepper liberally or mine and dhs.

Chicken rice- in rice cooker put rice, peas, sweetcorn, small diced carrot, and small cubed chicken ( garlic ginger, and soy marinated if time allows) leave for twenty minutes, add soy sauce and chilli flakes.

Fried potatoes and chorizo- small cubes of chorizo, fry till crispy, then fry cubed potatoes in chorizo oil. Combine when potatoes are cooked to warm the chorizo again in the warm pan while you poach an egg to put on top.

Easy Peasy Cheesy pasta. (Thank you Bing)! Boil pasta & your choice of veg together in a pan, drain. Stir in some cream cheese while it's still very hot, sprinkle grated cheese over. Also works with cut up tomatoes, added after. Easy, quick, & cheap.

applecatchers36 Tue 04-Aug-15 20:13:28

One pot chicken: chicken pieces, can of chickpeas, can of tomatoes, some basil and chorizo pieces in slow cooker

Easy 15 min risotto, cook easy cook rice, fry chorizo in a pan, add some prawns and onion and peas in last few mins, add cooked rice, ready

Steak, oven chips & peas

Cook fusilli pasta & puy lentils, add cooked salmon pieces and a spoonful of water pasta was cooked in to cooked pasta and lentils.

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