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Does vegetable Atora contain the dreaded trans fats?

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Toadinthehole Fri 31-Jul-15 09:09:49

I like making suet puddings. Unfortunately, all supermarkets in NZ (where I live) no longer stock suet. They all stopped last year at the same time. I can't find it anywhere now.

So DW went to the local British grocery shop, and returned triumphant. However, what she has bought isn't suet at all. It is a vegetable substitute made by Atora called "suet".

The ingredients say: "Vegetable oils 59% (Palm, Sunflower), wheat flour, stabiliser: Pectin.

Under Nutrition Information it says that per 100g it contains 32.8% saturated fat, 22.8g mon-unsaturates, 7.2% polyunsaturates. The remainder is carboydrate.

Should I use this stuff?

cdtaylornats Fri 31-Jul-15 09:18:52

Atora vegetarian diet contains no trans-fats. Do you have a local butcher, suet is just the hard fat around the kidneys, a good butcher should be able to provide it.

Toadinthehole Sun 02-Aug-15 05:07:47

Thanks - that's a really good tip. Would a butcher be able to sell me a hard lump of suet which I would be able to break up e.g. with a hammer?

Bearleigh Sun 02-Aug-15 05:52:53

Toad it's not that hard. You just chop it. With a knife There will be things like membrane attached which you have to remove, and there maybe specks of red Presumabky blood. Or you could use butter, rubbed in - I do for my Xmas pudding...

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