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What are your family staple meals?

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daisydalrymple Mon 27-Jul-15 21:55:32

Whether you meal plan or not, what are the meals that you cook regularly, that you know the whole family will eat and you can cook easily?

I regularly cook:
Roast chicken dinner
Bolognese /lasagne and the usual mince based meals
Salmon / chicken /trout / pork etc with eg roasted or stir fry veg with rice or noodles or Cous Cous
Fish fillets with pots and veg
Jkt pot various fillings
Pasta and tomato based sauce with chopped up veg (courgette, mushroom, pepper... hidden )
Fish fingers chips peas
Sausage and mash

I do meal plan, but have fallen into such a rut. Dcs 8&6 are ok eaters, but eg only eat carrots, broccoli, sweet corn, baked beans as veg. Dc3 9mo, so weaning, but possibly cmpi, so both me and him are currently dairy free. Dh will thankfully eat anything (bar aubergine and squid!) but works long hours with long commute, so I plate his meal up to reheat when he gets home and I eat with the dcs.

I am so tired of even thinking about food, trying to accommodate the non dairy, work around veg phobics, whilst trying to encourage them to keep trying, and conscious its got to be something dh can reheat!

I'd be grateful for some fresh ideas, nothing fancy, just am I missing some classics?

Notso Mon 27-Jul-15 22:22:47

I have 4 DC 15, 10, 4 and 3. The two little ones don't eat potato except as McDonalds fries hmm which is a pain, I still put some out for them and they try it but they don't eat it. DC3 doesn't really eat any cooked veg either. I can hide it in things but he won't eat it as part of a roast for example. I often serve salad with everything just so he is getting some vegetables.
We have the meals you have listed but in addition I often cook,
Curry and rice,
Chilli con carne and rice or in wraps as a burrito or in rolls as a sloppy Joe,
Enchiladas or fajitas,
Homemade burgers, lamb and mint, pork and apple or beef,
Meatballs with tomato sauce and pasta or in Ikea type gravy with veg and potatoes,
Risotto, chicken and vegetable, ham and butterbean or beef and vegetable,
Pork in cider,
Beef in red wine,
Chicken in Rose,
Giant sausage roll with onion gravy and veg,
Chicken, ham and leek pie,
Steak and ale pie.

daisydalrymple Mon 27-Jul-15 22:35:09

Thanks, yes I do need to get to grips with the pies, curry, meat cooked-in-type meals. They will work well with dc3 for sure and the other two might end up eating a chunk of parsnip or swede by default smile dd doesn't like heat, so we've tended to get round that by when we have eg chicken/ pork fillets and marinate ours/ add a rub. Have recently done a few curries for all (out of a jar!), but now that dc3 will be joining in I need to start making my own properly.

Dd dislikes risotto, which is a pain as ds1 now likes it and ds2 so far has not refused anything. I need to think up options for when one of them definitely doesn't like something. I don't want to pander to them but equally, the variety of what we now eat compared to pre dc is so much smaller!

Thanks that's useful already!

daisydalrymple Mon 27-Jul-15 22:37:51

Ps how do you cook chicken in rose? Sounds fab (or it might just be the sound of the wine, am still bf ds2 and up half the night even at 9 months, so it's been a long time...)

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