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Too many carrots and potatoes

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HenriettaTurkey Sun 19-Jul-15 20:41:23

DH did the weekly shop today and bought a ton of carrots and potatoes. All good, but we already have more than we can use.

How can I use them up and not waste them?

Deedeecupcake Sun 19-Jul-15 20:44:18


Make a batch of Shepards pie with some carrot mash on top.

Eat raw carrots as a snack

Homemade chips

I mash carrots with honey and ginger and they are yummy!!

MrsLeighHalfpenny Sun 19-Jul-15 20:46:16

Roast carrots with honey and sesame seeds are nice. But I'd give them raw to the kids for snacks. Potatoes will last for weeks if you keep them in the dark.

KumiOri Sun 19-Jul-15 20:47:00

potatos keep well, dark place and they can be used in months to come.
carrots keep well as well, maybe chop some together with celery and onion and freeze for future spagbol.

VeryPunny Sun 19-Jul-15 20:48:52

Jamie Oliver does a nice carrot and potato rosti which is a nice supper dish with a poached/fried egg.

HenriettaTurkey Sun 19-Jul-15 21:11:40

Wow - great ideas! I've plenty of celery too so the chop and freeze idea is a great one! That and soup should use a fair few...

Our potatoes never seem to keep. We used to store them with onions but have recently found out this is a BAD IDEA so hopefully they'll last longer now.

HenriettaTurkey Sun 19-Jul-15 21:39:31

Also do you just chop and freeze the carrots, onions and celery raw?

KumiOri Sun 19-Jul-15 21:44:19

yes I chop them raw and put then in portion size containers/ziplock bags.
I then cook from frozen.

HenriettaTurkey Sun 19-Jul-15 23:52:28

Brilliant. Thanks!

Dancingqueen17 Mon 20-Jul-15 02:40:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AlpacaMyBags Mon 20-Jul-15 02:46:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DarkEvilMoon Mon 20-Jul-15 03:42:00

I have mash potato portions in the freezer for grab and go/cba to cook days. Home made cottage pie, sausage mash and onion gravy portions. cheesy mash is a fab comfort food but if i need comfort food I cba to cook mash or i will burn the damn potatoes like the other day so having it so I can just ping it in the microwave is perfect.

if you can afford to and have dc, vegetable printing is a fun way to use a few up.

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