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In a moment of madness I bought beef cheeks..

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Behooven Fri 10-Jul-15 11:43:58

now what? Slow cooker maybe? Should I chop it up into chunks like stew first?

Carpaccio Fri 10-Jul-15 13:30:12

This looks pretty decent - I'd serve it with mash instead of the pearl barley risotto:

LittleMiss77 Fri 10-Jul-15 16:07:40

I had a slow cooked beef cheek, lentil and red wine stew served with dauphinose spuds whilst on holiday in France a few years ago - it remains to date, the most amazing meal i have ever eaten

HemanOrSheRa Fri 10-Jul-15 16:12:57

This recipe is amazing I've made it with beef cheeks and stewing or braising steak.

Allalonenow Fri 10-Jul-15 16:18:43

Oh lovely! I'd leave them in large pieces, and make a Bourguinon style dish with red wine, onions, mushrooms and if you have any some lardons.

IHaveBrilloHair Fri 10-Jul-15 16:20:47

I love the Chinese dish linked above, I've also made it with oxtail.

Behooven Fri 10-Jul-15 18:08:11

Thank you. I bought some ingredients from above when I was out so it's all in the slow cooker now. I remain to be convinced by the beef though - it's not the most appetising bit of meat smile

firesidechat Fri 10-Jul-15 19:15:22

I've cooked one that Heman linked to a couple of times. It's delicious with a really intense flavour.

HemanOrSheRa Fri 10-Jul-15 21:12:27

Let us know how you got on. It does need very long slow cooking but should be deliciously tender. Yum!

Behooven Sat 11-Jul-15 15:11:50

Well I'm impressed. I took it out after 7 hours on low and the meat was falling apart. I ended up shredding the big lumps of beef so I have a big bowl of that - I blended all the cooking liquor as it was chock full of veg and herbs etc, do you think it will work as a sauce with tagliatelle as a change from mash?

Gobbolinothewitchscat Sat 11-Jul-15 15:13:28

I think that would be delicious

Behooven Sat 11-Jul-15 15:26:22

Good, tonights dinner is sorted smile

HemanOrSheRa Sat 11-Jul-15 16:10:42

Ooh yum. That sounds delicious! Glad you enjoyed the cheeks.

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