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sour milk too sour?

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brusselsproutwarning Thu 09-Jul-15 08:22:11

I've 3 liters of milk that were gone off when I opened the carton! Its low fat milk if that makes any difference but I've been keeping it in the fridge with the idea of using it for bread.. Its been there for about 5 days now and is completely seperated. Can I still use it? And if so any nice recipes any knows not necessarily bread ,or will I just dump it.seems such a waste.

CotedePablo Thu 09-Jul-15 08:26:51

Dump it. It must stink to high heaven by now. It costs about £1.50 for 3 litres.

AccordingToOurRecords Thu 09-Jul-15 08:26:58

Off milk is not like sour cream though, open it, take a really big sniff off the lovely vomit aroma and then decide if it's good to eat in something.

brusselsproutwarning Thu 09-Jul-15 08:45:39

Hahah OK I'll dump ,its not the money but its the milk,waste. well maybe the money too,thought I could use it for something rather than just inducing vomit. grin
Of course its not like sour cream....its milk. Is it not like butter milk ?

LettuceLaughton Thu 09-Jul-15 08:53:10

IIRC you can make cheese with it.

LettuceLaughton Thu 09-Jul-15 08:54:23


brusselsproutwarning Thu 09-Jul-15 08:55:37

Fantastic lettuce! Hadn't thought of cheese!

4merlyknownasSHD Thu 09-Jul-15 09:15:47


brusselsproutwarning Thu 09-Jul-15 11:40:19

Just made soda bread with it. Cheese next! 3 Lt is a lot

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