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Leftover roast chicken

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Itscurtainsforyou Mon 15-Jun-15 14:07:54

What proper meals can I make with leftover chicken??

I'm cooking roast chicken tonight and there will be loads of leftovers, including veg and sausages. I'm keen not to waste any which will happen if I box it up and keep it in the fridge for people to pick over

LemonYellowSun Mon 15-Jun-15 14:11:08

I usually either make a chicken pie or some sort, a curry or a risotto.

SpottyTeacakes Mon 15-Jun-15 14:25:43

I shred the chicken, mix with fresh salsa and spring onions then add cheese and make quesadillas. Yum.

Indecisivejo Thu 18-Jun-15 22:01:26

Omg roast chicken, chips, and pickles!! Mmmmmmmm

msrisotto Thu 18-Jun-15 22:03:07

I like chicken, tinned tomatoes, peppers (& peas/whatever) and pesto with pasta. YUM.

Sausages123 Thu 18-Jun-15 22:05:10

We either make into a pie with Ham and a cheesy sauce.
Thai green curry
Chips, beans and pickles (h's fav)
Pasta pesto

Purpletoes Thu 18-Jun-15 22:10:11

We make nasi goreng. The Rick stein recipe. It's yummy. On the bbc website. Just use the leftover roast chicken instead of the lime bbq chicken he does.

Allalonenow Thu 18-Jun-15 22:13:42

Heat slices of it up in gravy very thoughly and do another roast dinner, add yorkshire puddings or duplings or different veg to ring the changes.

Make a white sauce or use left over gravy, add cooked chicken and veg such as peas leeks or brocolli and add a shortcrust or flaky pastry pie top.

Use with mushrooms or peas in a risotto.

Make a creamy sauce, add chicken and mushrooms and serve with rice or pasta.

Make chicken noodle soup, or Thai style chicken and vegetable soup.

Greenrememberedhills Thu 18-Jun-15 23:12:49

Chicken soup.
Chicken and veg stir fry or chicken noodles
Chicken wraps
Coronation chicken to serve with sandwiches or jackets or salad
In thick white sauce in filo parcels

HolgerDanske Thu 18-Jun-15 23:17:28

I have a pretty good little routine:

Day one: roast chicken

Day two: chicken soup with one breast plus extra bits off the carcass

Day three: spicy chicken pasta with the other breast (very easy, just pasta, brocolli, chicken and chilli pesto to finish)

In this hot weather I'd probably make a Caesar salad with some of it, lovely for lunch or even for a light evening meal with some crusty bread on the side.

Curry is also good, or fajitas.

cdtaylornats Fri 19-Jun-15 07:54:34

My favourite for leftover chicken is Spanish Chicken Pie

MrsMoggy Fri 19-Jun-15 16:22:11

Fajitas, pie, curry are the usual ones in this house!

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