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Snack ideas for 1 and 5 year old

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Florencemay0000 Mon 08-Jun-15 20:06:23

I am really stuck for snack ideas for my one year old and give year old. Main meals consist of:
Breakfast: slice of toast with dairy free chocolate spread
Lunch: finger roll with ham, veg crudités, a few crisps, piece of fruit
Dinner: a family meal like spag Bol etc and jelly for pudding

Youngest is dairy free.

TeacupTravels Mon 08-Jun-15 20:10:17

My 6 year old would eat more than that at mealtimes5- she'd have a bowl of porridge or 2 slices of toast. She has school dinners but would have a bit more than that in her packed lunch when she had them - often a homemade cake or biscuit or muffin.

What snacks do you have at the moment? We have a piece of fruit in the morning (at home or school) and in the afternoon usually a crumpet/gingerbread man/ 2 cookies/ some cheddars/ sometimes hummous/guacamole and breadsticks/ flapjack/ savoury muffin....

Florencemay0000 Mon 08-Jun-15 20:16:40

At the moment the one year old has lots of fruit in the morning and the five year old has nothing, the school offer a small piece of seasonal fruit at break time but she always refuses it. After school they currently raid the biscuit tin! Oldest is always complaining of hunger I offer her fruit but she refuses and just asks for toast all the time which I am reluctant to give too much bread as she suffers from constipation. After school she will munch through about 8 fig rolls which is not good!!

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