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Cold meals for toddlers

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LouisaJF Mon 08-Jun-15 07:23:55

My two sons are one and three and usually have their main hot meal at lunch time followed by sandwiches or a picky tea at tea time. As the weather is getting warmer I wanted to offer a cold main meal instead but have no idea what to make. A salad is not going to go down well and we do sandwiches etc at tea time.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a nice summertime lunch that will fill them up?

Stinkersmum Mon 08-Jun-15 07:27:55

Quiche? Cold pasta dishes?

grabaspoon Mon 08-Jun-15 07:39:31

The 18 month old I look after will have some of the following in her lunch

- cold home made pizza [ pitta bread/homemade tomato sauce]
- vegetable fritters
- cheese scone
- savoury muffins - we did courgette and carrot last week
- olives, cucumber, ham, sweetcorn,
- accvocado mixed with Philadelphia cheese - either with a spoon or on a ricecake
- cold pasta - either we do a spinach and philadephia one [literally stir in cooked spinach and Philadelphia in to warm pasta]
- marmite bread and butter pudding served cold

grabaspoon Mon 08-Jun-15 07:39:59

I love this website

MrNedSchneebly Mon 08-Jun-15 18:41:06

Puff pastry tart?
I make pesto (could easily use a jar) and use that as the base then various veg and tomatoes and cheese on top.

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