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Breakfast ideas for 2 year old

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meadow Tue 23-Apr-02 11:18:58

I need some ideas please for my 2yo. Has completely gone off the following:

Weetabix, Rice Krispies, Cornflakes, Ready Brek, toast, porridge. Does not like eggs or beans.

Thanks very much.

aloha Tue 23-Apr-02 11:32:28

You could just give him whatever he does like to eat - as long as it's not crisps and sweets! I don't think there's anything particularly special about the am that makes more foods suitable than others. Indian people eat curry for breakfast, and Japanese people eat sushi, Germans eat ham and cheese. Does he like sandwiches? My little neice who was extremely picky had honey sandwiches for breakfast, and her brother ate cheese ones! Or what about Petit Filous? My son adores them.

Tillysmummy Tue 23-Apr-02 11:38:55

What about croissant or a nice toasted sandwich or normal sandwich for that matter, perhaps cheese and ham ? Or even fruit and yoghurt with some muesli mixed in ?

bettys Tue 23-Apr-02 11:43:55

My 2.5 yr old loves Cheerios, & often prefers to eat them dry, either out of the bowl or from a little sandwich bag if we're on the move. He usually has a drink of water or milk to help them go down. He also likes to choose for himself, and makes a great ritual out of picking a packet from one of those selection packs, and then pouring on milk a little at a time from his own small jug. The only downside is that we usually get left with the Coco Pops - I might have to try turning them into crispies.
At weekends he 'helps' his dad make pancakes. With him he seems to like making his own breakfast, although there isn't always time, hence the cereals in a bag!

SueDonim Tue 23-Apr-02 11:53:25

My dd is a picky eater at the best of times and esp at breakfast. She's gone through phases of Marmite sandwiches, yoghurt, cold chicken slices(the stuff for sandwiches)and cheese. Like everyone else, I don't think it honestly matters what they have, although I do think it's important they have something. Good luck.

meadow Tue 23-Apr-02 12:35:51

Thanks for the input, but I've tried Cheerios (milky and dried) and croissants - no luck. Doesn't like sandwiches or yoghurt at all. I do sometimes give pasta and even rice! She won't eat sausages, pizza etc so can't even try that for breakfast. I'm really running out of ideas.

angharad Tue 23-Apr-02 12:40:02

How about fishfingers? They are popular with everyone except me!! The kids also like crunchy nut cornflakes, branflakes (yuck!)and rice pudding.

SueDonim Tue 23-Apr-02 13:04:12

Fresh/dried/tinned fruit? Scotch pancakes? Kippers? Garlic bread? Waffles?

sml Tue 23-Apr-02 13:10:31

My children love pancakes or doughnuts, with big drinks of milk.

meadow Tue 23-Apr-02 14:25:12

Thanks. Hadn't even thought of pancakes and doughnuts. She does like fish fingers and dry crunchy nut cornflakes (wasn't sure about the nuts, but she eats it no problem). She had a phase with waffles, but not interested anymore. Thank you all very much.

Tillysmummy Tue 23-Apr-02 14:26:17

and pop tarts perhaps ?

bells2 Tue 23-Apr-02 14:36:44

Or French Toast is an easy alternative to pancakes.

Lizzer Tue 23-Apr-02 15:07:14

Hi Meadow, my dd is now onto rice cakes and philadelphia for breakfast and loves them! She also went off cereal for a while but will now have the odd bowl. Plain white buns or croissant are our alternative to toast, and she often has ryvita with honey (still loves her hard, frozen peas too!!)
Tillysmummy, sorry have to pull you up on the pop tarts - they are packed full of sugar, and I was told that children should not be eating them as a main meal as the nutritional value is next to negligible, apparently...

batey Tue 23-Apr-02 20:42:49

My 2yr old ds went off b/fast for a while too. At its worst, she was having a nutri-grain bar in the buggy to nursery. However, now she loves shreddies with warm milk. We bought one of those variety cereal packs with all the little boxes and let her choose. Thankfuly she chose the healthy option, she also has to have them in "her" special bowl (Barbie or Pooh Bear!). My dh is Japanese so we often have rice/seaweed at b/fast, both of mine also love hot-dog sausages sliced up, and they're big bacon fans. On the bread side, you could also try crumpets ar b/fast muffins. Mine also love noodles too any time night or day. Good luck, and if all else fails, like it did with us many times, just give them loads of milk and hope you make it to lunch time!!

Bron Tue 23-Apr-02 20:48:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bron Tue 23-Apr-02 20:52:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bloss Wed 24-Apr-02 00:02:00

Message withdrawn

Cl Wed 24-Apr-02 11:37:21

My dd likes to make a mixture too - anything with monsters inc at the mo..When my husband gets up with her she ends up eating rice crispie cakes and (today) all butter shortbread. grrrr! Fruit works for us - a chopped up apple in a bag on the way to pre school was the antidote to the shortbread today. Another thought is milkshake. Banana whizzed up with milk is pretty nutritious but looks like a treat.

angharad Wed 24-Apr-02 11:51:04

Bloss, I'm sorry to admit that it's not always homemade, but yep rice pudding is very popular, they'll also eat it cold (Spanish style!)...Muller make semolina/yogurty pudding things which tey seem to like, but unfortunately the pots are tiny!

Left over mash, fried with a spot of olive oil is also good...Probably better than hash browns as not processed.

Demented Wed 24-Apr-02 12:52:12

Has anyone mentioned muffins. I have this great book called Muffins Fast and Fantastic by Susan Reimer from Lakeland Plastics. She has loads of idea for muffins, some more breakfasty than others. They are dead easy and can be cooked in a batch in advance and frozen then defrosted and warmed in either the microwave or oven when needed. One of these with a drink of milk or fruit juice would be pretty good in the morning.

soothepoo Wed 24-Apr-02 14:53:40

Bron - Sainsbury's sell an organic Cheerio style cereal. It's not an own brand, and I can't remember the name of it, but I'll check when I get home. It's got pictures of orang-utans or koala bears on the front, if I remember correctly. It's OK, but very sweet.

Meadow - how about grilled tomatoes or mushrooms on toast? Cheese on toast? Banana toast? Or bagels or muffins instead of toast?

soothepoo Wed 24-Apr-02 15:04:08

Aaaagh - sorry - just seen that toast is off the menu! Must perfect my speed reading skills!

Shaz30 Wed 24-Apr-02 15:43:27

how about yoghurt? my 4 year old and 2 year old absolutely love it. if they are off their food i find that they will still eat yoghurt, it's nutritious and has the protein that they need. there are also several themed children's breakfast cereals, teletubbies and so on so you could give those a try. hope this helps.

Tillysmummy Wed 24-Apr-02 15:45:23

Kedgeree perhaps -

meadow Wed 24-Apr-02 16:10:33

So many ideas - but I'm not having any luck. She'll nibble on rice cakes and won't touch muffins, doughnuts, bagels or cereal bars. She's not ill by the way, just very, very, fussy. I'm trying rice pudding tonight so I'll wait and see what her reaction is to that. I've never made kedgeree before, but I'll find out the recipe. Thanks once again for all your ideas.

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