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Concerned about smelly chicken

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Lula2515 Mon 01-Jun-15 18:16:42

So I just ate some (well cooked) chicken breast which was in date but had started to smell a little bit.
Am I a total tool?
I'm off on holiday on Friday, will I be ill for then?
Am I going to die? (I know I won't die)

gamerchick Mon 01-Jun-15 18:20:07

Well you'll soon find out... Good luck.

strawberrypenguin Mon 01-Jun-15 18:21:34

Personally I wouldn't eat smelly chicken no matter how in date it was! If it was well cooked you might be ok. I imagine you'd find out a lot sooner than Friday if you've managed to give yourself food poisoning!

Lula2515 Mon 01-Jun-15 18:23:48

Oh Jesus.
What an idiot. I thought I was imagining it so cooked it anyway, ate half then stopped eating it as I realised it definitely did whiff a bit.

4merlyknownasSHD Tue 02-Jun-15 09:03:33

I will eat most things if they are iffy. Bacon, beef, venison etc. I scrape mould off the top of jam, trim the edge off mouldy cheese and pick the green bits out of mouldy bread. I also regularly re-heat rice with wild abandon. Fish and chicken however.....No thanks!

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