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Pre prepared lasagne boring question.

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Fevertree Sat 30-May-15 20:52:27

Hi all, sorry very boring q... If I am making lasagne tonight to eat on Monday, would you stack it all and bake it tonight or just make the sauces and stack it and bake it on Monday? Or stack it tonight but not bake it...

Nolim Sat 30-May-15 20:53:56

I would stack it today and bake it on monday but i have no scientific basis for that choice.

tassisssss Sat 30-May-15 20:55:26

I would stack it just now and stick it in the fridge to bake it on Monday.

honeysucklejasmine Sat 30-May-15 20:57:35

Tbh, I would stack, bake then freeze.

tassisssss Sun 31-May-15 19:56:58

If freezing I just stack and freeze and then bake. I find baking it twice dries it out.

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