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Food help!

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Oopsadaisydoddle Fri 29-May-15 22:52:55

Hi all!

This is my first thread so hope you don't mind me asking. I just wondered if anyone else is like me in regard to batch cooking? I know loads of people say to batch cook and freeze meals for healthy, homecooked ready meals when needed. My problem? The thought of pre frozen cooked food makes me want to heave! I know I am probably in the minority here but if I have ever cooked anything and frozen it afterwards, it has always ended up heing thrown out.

The other thing I struggle with is finding meals that the whole family can enjoy. I am not greatly keen on meat (can't stand mince so chillis, spag bols etc are out). I love fish but have sickened myself of it lately. My kids like a good variety of stuff but their dislikes tend to be opposite to each others e.g. One loves veg and not much fruit, the other loves fruit but not much veg.

I'm not really sure what I am asking! I am just very frustrated at the moment because I feel like we just end up wasting food and I want us to be able to sit down and enjoy meals together. I also have ME so my energy levels often mean I need something 'easy' which in recent months has meant a lot of takeaways for us. Kids get fed well but we eat crap. The ME also lends itself to nausea which is one of the reasons I am so 'sensitive' (as in the heaving at the thought of the pre frozen food).

I have tried making a list of foods each of us likes so I can attempt to make meals out of those ingredients but it is still so difficult. Can anybody suggest anything?

Thanks in advance!

woowoo22 Sat 30-May-15 09:58:48

I think if the frozen food makes you heave then ditch it.

What about frozen veg, is that the same? I buy frozen broc/cauliflower/peppers/mushrooms, never buy them fresh.

What about ready made mash with sausages?

Going out but will be back later smile

comeagainforbigfudge Sat 30-May-15 10:06:47

What ages are your kids? If they old enough, get them involved in selecting meals. So one night a dish one dc likes, the next one what other dc likes and so on, but condition it so that they have to eat the meals as everyone will have to try something they don't like. If that makes sense?

Also, what about using a slow cooker?

What is it about freezing food that puts you off? (Just curious. Not trying to persuade you otherwise)

Oopsadaisydoddle Sat 30-May-15 10:39:15

Thanks for replying.

I know it probably sounds odd but the kind of things that I have previously frozen are like casseroles etc but I can't stand the smell of them cold and when they're heating up.

It's just all so mixed up! As I say, it's finding stuff that we all like that doesn't and necessarily take much time due to my ME. I have a slow cooker but hubby always says everything tastes 'samey' so is reluctant to eat anything out of it!! Although I have told him tough - he'll just have to have toast for dinner instead!

I do buy frozen veg like broccoli and cauli and peas. We all like mash And I have previously made large batches and frozen that in portions which I don't mind. We all love new potatoes as well so quite often they get incorporated. I have an actifry as well which is good for homemade chips which just takes a bit of oil (I usually use olive or coconut oil).

We all like eggs so often do them in different forms. The kids wouldn't eat fritatta for example though. They might have plain omelette with cheese. One likes beans, the other doesn't!! It's like a juggling act.

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