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Good recipes for a 6 month old - any advice?

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Itstime222 Tue 26-May-15 20:26:56


About a month ago we started trying to give our little man solids and its all going quite well. He likes baby food, but seems to really prefer the sweet ones - which is no surprise..

However we really want to step it up a gear and after asking friends - they all say 'just blend up what you eat'. We would ideally like to make something nice that we could have for dinner and then blend for the baby. However we would really like it quite low calorie and fat / salt etc.

Does anyone have any good recipes or ideas that we could make and then blend up?

Any ideas would really help. We just eat a lot of low calorie (pre packed) meals and green veg, and that wont be any good!


makeminea6x Tue 26-May-15 20:32:39

I wouldn't even bother blending it to be honest, just let them eat what you would eat. But yes, not low calorie ready meals, too much salt and not enough calories!

Stir fry, but cook the baby's a little longer so it's softer to eat?

Meat and veg but give the baby some carbs as well. Most children love roast dinner.

Mild veg curry.

You could try River Cottage baby and toddler cookbook.

lunalovegood84 Wed 03-Jun-15 00:08:33

Babies need fat and calories. My 11 month old loves risotto and pasta although he's old enough not to need it blended. I make a nice butternut squash risotto, sometimes with chicken (the lazy way, in the oven) and put extra butter in his. You could make a pasta sauce (bolognese or creamy mushroom go down well here) and put a higher proportion of sauce to pasta in baby's portion.

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