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DS has decided he wants to go vegan for three weeks

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ancientbuchanan Mon 25-May-15 12:38:51

ok, lovely recipes please MNrs,

Without too much coconut cream or oil
Suitable for predominantly carnivore DH ( think 1950s cuisine...)
Not many expensive ingredients
No nuts
No tofu

Can do lentil soup. Can do veg curries. And porridge.

At wits end.

CMOTDibbler Mon 25-May-15 12:48:58

Tell ds that if he wants to go vegan then he can come up with a meal plan that meets all his nutritional needs, and caters for the families needs and budget.

If he can't do that, then he's not ready to be vegan imo.

Whiteshirt Mon 25-May-15 12:49:52

What CMOT said.

Pedestriana Mon 25-May-15 12:56:40

There are a number of facebook groups for vegans where people share easy recipes. Things like cauliflower 'cheese' which uses carrots and nutritional yeast to make a sauce.
Maybe get him to check that out? Or get him to research it further?

I'm not vegan, but want to head back that way. At present, I need to work through food I already have before I start replacing with vegan options, budget is tight so I can't be wasteful.

cdtaylornats Mon 25-May-15 13:00:13

Don't forget to remind him no beer

LonnyVonnyWilsonFrickett Mon 25-May-15 13:00:49

So you're going to be cooking vegan for DS and meat for DH?

Feck that.

Ask DS how he plans to manage the transition and let him crack on.

ancientbuchanan Mon 25-May-15 13:11:41

I shall be surprised if it lasts beyond the scent of a bacon sandwich..

MagentaVitus Mon 25-May-15 13:13:20

This is a LIFESAVER!

Dancingqueen17 Mon 25-May-15 14:10:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MilkRunningOutAgain Mon 25-May-15 19:55:22

How old is DS? Easy things could be:
Baked beans on toast
Pasta with a tomato and red pepper sauce
Veggie chilli made with mixed tinned beans and rice

But if he is over 12/14 then I agree, he needs to produce his own menu and help a lot with cooking, etc.

gamerchick Mon 25-May-15 19:58:10

Tell him to make his own tea.

It's like when I got this huge lecture from a family member about how easy it is to diet and people just need to sort their heads out. I pointed out that it's easy to diet when someone else does all the planning and cooking and all they have to do is eat it!

If he wants to do his thing he can have a hand in it.

ancientbuchanan Mon 25-May-15 22:04:35

Magenta, Milk, blessings on you.

Yes, I foresee a lot of beans on toast.

17 .

BertrandRussell Mon 25-May-15 22:07:33

He's 17??????

Bloody hell, unless the rest of the family want to try going vegan too, then he cooks for himself!!

griselda101 Mon 25-May-15 22:10:34

a nice vegan shepherds pie using soya mince, veggies etc as the base and mashed potato on top!

vegan risotto - butternut squash, stock, risotto rice, onion, garlic, white wine if you have some, sage or basil

HarrietSchulenberg Mon 25-May-15 22:10:48

I'm not sure I'd want to have a 17 year old trying out vegan recipes while I was making everyone else's tea. 2 cooks don't fit in 1 kitchen smile.

griselda101 Mon 25-May-15 22:14:45

btw you can make a white sauce with soya milk / vegan margerine or olive oil instead of milk

you can use soya milk or almond milk etc and vegan margarine (e.g. pure) or oil in mashed potato instead of milk

also add extra garlic etc to sauces, use breadcrumbs on top of stuff

broccoli bake with a white vegan sauce (lots of stock powder in there) and breadcrumbs on top

baked sweet potato with hummus (blend chickpeas, garlic, lemon, salt, olive oil) and roasted veggies!

vegan food is easy and great

Try almond milk (e.g. by Alpro or store brand) as it's really nice. The ones such as rice milk with added vanilla (from the non-fridge milk section) is really really yummy.

griselda101 Mon 25-May-15 22:16:34

oh and tescos do some good vegan cheese you can make a pizza with...they seemed to have a whole dairy free fridge section last time i went in, was well impressed.

I like the violife original cheese, also the tesco soya smoked is really nice

Bunbaker Mon 25-May-15 22:20:24

Why no tofu?

Marinaded tofu is nice, and if you have a Chinese supermarket near you I suggest you try the crispy fried tofu. Made into a katsu curry it is delicious.
DD and I went vegan for a week and we tried every type of "milk" on the market and found that Rice Dream was by far the nicest. Even the Provomel rice milk isn't as nice.

I have made this vegan cake and it was amazing.

traviata Mon 25-May-15 22:22:59

you can get vegan beer. And wine.

what kind of milk would you he be using to make the porridge? I like rice milk myself, but hazelnut makes lovely porridge and is fab in coffee.

griselda101 Mon 25-May-15 22:27:05

more ideas....

flapjacks made with vegan margarine instead of butter

veggie / bean burgers with salad

garlic mushrooms on toast

linda mccartney sausages are vegan and quite nice with mash or whatever

there are some good fake meats in holland and barrett e.g. cheatin bacon and so on, actually really nice if you're after that kind of thing

vegan lasagne with soya mince and / or veggies in tomato based sauce, a vegan white sauce and breadcrumbs on top

pasta in tomato sauce

ltk Mon 25-May-15 22:27:17

Why no tofu or nuts?

The best thing you can do is teach him how to plan, budget, shop and cook. Does he know the basics already? He should know how to boil lentils and take off the froth, gently fry garlic and spices for the base of a dhal, how to make perfect rice, how to stir peanut butter into a spicy veggie stew to give it more fat and protein, etc.

If he goes back to steak after 3 weeks, you will have given him a skill he can apply to any diet.

griselda101 Mon 25-May-15 22:28:54

for a fry up, hash browns, veggie sausages, baked beans, toast, grilled tomatoes

french onion soup (with a sub for the cheesy crouton on top!).

too many ideas coming up... !

Theas18 Mon 25-May-15 22:28:56

All dishes based on lots of sliced onion celery carrots and garlic sweated off then other things added ....

Large pan if pulse based soup - butter beans/ check peas/ kidney beans with many veg ( tomato pepper courgette etc) and plenty of chilli will satisfy anyones inner carnivore.

Ditto curry. Suggest this includes sweet potato, ordinary potato and coconut milk along with a good spicy kick from a decent curry paste. Usual veg base.

Yellow split pea dhal - I suspect toor dhal from the Indian supermarket that I get are pretty much identical to the yellow split peas mum used to get in a very non Asian area so it's not hard to find - soak the yellow peas though and add red lentils after a bit so you get a mushy sauce with still more or less intact yellow peas. Ok if it goes all mushy who cares if it tasted goid but the texture is better with this. Usual veg base, maybe peppers, hard to resist adding a tin of toms or 2. Good curry paste again.

Risotto. Made an interesting one this week - was going be be pasta bake - made sauce ( veg base, lots of garlic, herbs, peppers, tomato) then found no pasta left! Half cooked risotto rice in stock. Added sauce and finished cooking. V tasty.

We aren't even veggie but eat a lot of veggie food for cheapness and getting your 5/ day.

( also got the soup maker out and made sweet pitato and chili soup , and spinach soup this weekend - that had soft cheese in but coconut cream would enrich it nicely - it was just my usual veg base and frozen spinach!)

SweetAndFullOfGrace Mon 25-May-15 22:29:26

He's 17. I'm sure he can manage to use the internet to find vegan recipes. Why on earth would you do it for him? Just wish him luck and tell him you'll watch with interest.

Theas18 Mon 25-May-15 22:30:53

Light meals -

Mushrooms tomatoes or banana on toast

Why no nuts ? Bag of stir fry veg with a small bad salted cashews in is heaven!

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