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Want to eat healthier but DS fussy- help!

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WherewherewhereisWally Mon 11-May-15 14:29:14

We've always been keen cooks and eaten a wide variety of food, but lately we've been so busy with work etc that we've got into a rut. A lots of our meals are ok- pasta with various sauces, jacket potatoes, roast chicken etc- but some are really not great (ready made burgers, pizza, chicken kievs, fish fingers etc). I love making healthy veggie meals like daal and lentil soup, but DS (5) will not touch these with a barge pole. We want to eat more healthily, eat less meat etc but his favourite food is meat of various kinds! He hates stews, mixtures, lentils etc, preferring the separate meat and two veg approach...

Any ideas would be much appreciated on how we can eat a wider variety of healthy food that DS will not be too horrified by! confused

cdtaylornats Mon 11-May-15 15:26:25

You could try less fat meats like turkey, either as steaks or turkey mince for burgers.

Alternatively you could try quorn or veggie burgers/sausages.

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