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not enough food panic

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ladygoinggrey Sun 10-May-15 05:07:28

My guests arrive in 6 hours. The shops are shut. I'm scared I haven't got enough. I've got a choice of 3 small starters, enough for 1 normal portion each of 8 veg mains, 16 meat mains, 3 salads of 10 normal portions each, 2 kilo berries and cream for dessert and 4 loaf cakes.BUt we are 13 adults, 3 kids, 3 toddlers. What if it's not enough? Is it terrible to fill gaps with frozen pizza?

ColdCottage Sun 10-May-15 05:25:43

That's loads, if you are worried fill with a plate of bread and butter not pizza.

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