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Easy but yummy packed lunches for work?

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Flingmoo Sat 02-May-15 11:48:45

I know there have probably been threads on this recently but grown up packed lunch ideas please besides sandwiches. ..? smile

WherewherewhereisWally Sat 02-May-15 17:58:59

This is pretty obvious but my DH often takes leftovers in tupperware to work... do you have a microwave there? If so just make a little extra for supper. Also thick soups in a flask are good but not so much for summer...

evelynj Sat 02-May-15 18:08:26

I make a nice giant couscous salad that lasts for 5 days in the fridge

Giant couscous cooked with a stock cube & then put in a bowl with a little oil (lemon or chilli oil is good), mixed with some tomato purée. Add a finely chopped red onion, tin of chickpeas, block of feta, load of coriander & juice & zest of lime. Sometimes I cut up some little tomatoes with it too. Lush.

pregnantpause Sat 02-May-15 18:31:21

In winter I like soup in a flask.

In summer salads- couscous, new potato, wild rice, tabbouleh etc

loveareadingthanks Sun 03-May-15 14:28:40

I'm sick of sandwiches too.

The other week I made a massive fritatta/tortilla/baked omelette/whatever you want to call it in a baking tray. shit loads of diced up fresh veg to fill the tray (including diced halfcooked potatoes), I whisked up 10 eggs with a splash of milk and some dried herbs, poured over the veg, baked for about 30 mins till egg just about set. Left to cool in tray (ran knife round edge to loosen it first), turned out onto board and cut into portions which I then froze. Have one once a week for lunch now and it makes a really nice change. You could put small bits of bacon etc in as well if you want.

dancemom Sun 03-May-15 14:32:58

Tuna pasta with peppers, sweet corn, cucumber, red onion etc

MaElsie Sun 10-May-15 07:39:10

Salad love is a great cookery book for inspiration - the author blogged about all the different salads he made for lunch. They all look delicious (it's all about the dressing) but it's great for principles and ideas too (and the dressing recipes are very handy). They're so big and hearty I don't ever get hungry afterwards.
In the winter I'd go for soups - Hugh fearnley whittingstall and nigel slater I always find reliable for recipe ideas. But just make up your own with whatever is going off in your fridge, that way you'll waste less food too.
Jamie Oliver does a great flatbread recipe (cumin flatbreads) which would be nice with leftovers, and which freeze well.
Pizzas, pies, etc are good too.

Icedfinger Sun 10-May-15 07:50:20

I buy Cauldron Falafels, they are great in a salad or in a salad wrap.

Have you got a toaster at work? If I'm disorganised I take bagels and Philadelphia and sort at work. Or I've had crumpets in the past.

Cook extra pasta for tea, mix with cucumber, roast peppers, tomatoes, olives etc.

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