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Weird Solo Meals?

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NotQuiteCockney Thu 02-Nov-06 11:27:31

I can't seem to bring myself to cook for just myself. So I eat weird leftover things.

Today's (early) lunch: cottage cheese and homemade spicy ratatouille. Eaten cold. Yum.

What weird things does everyone else eat?

colditz Thu 02-Nov-06 11:28:16

Supernoodles and cheese on toast. AKA 'How to put 8lb on in 2 days'

NotQuiteCockney Thu 02-Nov-06 11:29:19

Noodles? On toast? Why?

Seriously, what is it with the English and carbs?

bran Thu 02-Nov-06 11:29:31

Rice noodles (the pad thai type) and baked beans, surprisingly yum.

doormat Thu 02-Nov-06 11:30:06

dh eats fish fingers and lemon curd on toast
ice cream butties

sausage and jam on toast

I do eat left over curry for brekkie
or sweet and sour

NotQuiteCockney Thu 02-Nov-06 11:32:20

fish fingers with lemon curd? Seriously? Because he lost a bet?

doormat Thu 02-Nov-06 11:34:14

seriously ncq
nothing to do with a bet

also chilli con carne with cocoa powder

he is a food weirdo

AlienEars Thu 02-Nov-06 11:51:08

DH will make a sandwich out of anything. Mashed potato sarnie is normal in his family (or just not normal to me?) and he's had chilli and shepherd's pie sandwiches too...

bundle Thu 02-Nov-06 11:53:03

can confirm cold mashed potato sandwich here too. with salad cream. and leftover fishfinger. not that there's ever any leftover fishfingers in our house

NotQuiteCockney Thu 02-Nov-06 11:53:30

Well, ahem, chilli with cocoa powder isn't that weird. I mean, traditional refried beans have chocolate in them ... but yeah, fish fingers with lemon curd is really really weird.

My dad used to eat peanut butter and raw onion sandwiches. But he's weird.

(And it's NQC! Not NCQ! [slightly exasperated pedantic emoticon])

NotQuiteCockney Thu 02-Nov-06 11:54:20

Mashed potato sandwich is just another manifestation of the British carbmania. What is wrong with you people? Can't you work out how to get some rice in there? Or maybe pasta?

doormat Thu 02-Nov-06 11:55:40

sorry nqc
oh another favorite of his is pot noodle and a pasta and sauce
he got that off my little bro

NotQuiteCockney Thu 02-Nov-06 11:57:04

Ok, the British carb thing really is boaktastic. I used to work in companies with canteens, and people were forever having mash, rice and pasta for lunch. How is that a meal? Gah.

colditz Thu 02-Nov-06 11:57:29

Bolognasise sandwich.

My dad eats tinned fruit with bread and butter.

I bet we could squeeze some pasta in there if we left the butter out

colditz Thu 02-Nov-06 11:58:18

Well, what's a meal then? How do you define a meal?

doormat Thu 02-Nov-06 11:58:30

dh has mushy peas on bread

and cabbage butties

colditz Thu 02-Nov-06 11:58:41

I personally love macaroni cheese and chips

NotQuiteCockney Thu 02-Nov-06 11:58:53

Ah, but there's no potato in there? Maybe some crisps? Or chips? Look, only two kinds of carb isn't exactly the blitz spirit is it?

NotQuiteCockney Thu 02-Nov-06 12:00:10

A meal has to have some vegetables in it, and ideally some protein! Not just carb! I wouldn't call a few carrots a meal, either, iyswim.

And if you only eat a big pile of (white!) carb for lunch, you'll be asleep at your desk at 3. Or craving sugar like mad ...

GunpowderTreasonAndSNOT Thu 02-Nov-06 12:00:57

cup a soup with two slices of ham, half an apple (other half chopped for the kids' salad), a radish and a cherry tomato. I eat weird hybrid meals made up of the fallout from making the kids' lunch (I don't eat their leftovers though) and various bits I like and they don't.

NotQuiteCockney Thu 02-Nov-06 12:03:09

Ah, but did you put the apple etc in the soup?

colditz Thu 02-Nov-06 12:03:45

Actually my idea of a perfect meal is brown carbs with cheese and broccoli. I don't care which carbs!

Also I never get sugar cravings.

GunpowderTreasonAndSNOT Thu 02-Nov-06 12:04:17

Ugh, noooooo

I put copious amounts of black pepper in it to kill the taste

NotQuiteCockney Thu 02-Nov-06 12:10:49

Brown carbs with cheese and brocolli is actually a meal. Carbs, protein, vegetables.

I'm objecting to white rice, pasta and maybe a bit of meat.

FrannyonFire Thu 02-Nov-06 12:13:07

If left entirely to my own devices for several days I would probably eat one of those pasta in a packet things. I really like them

Otherwise I am Miss Sensible about meals and would always have a proper one - I even arrange things nicely on the plate sometimes. A friend came round once and caught me doing it, ds asleep upstairs so this sad plate of prettily arranged pepper, carrot and tomato with sandwiches cut in triangles was obviously for me

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