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What's your best freezer "secret"

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Cratchit Fri 27-Oct-06 21:04:04

Probably everyone already knows this but ... mine is that you can freeze whole chillis. Red ones retain the heat better than green ones, but both work. It also means you can buy those little packets in the supermarket, which are often cut price down our way, and not waste any... Sometimes I defrost them in the microwave too. Ohmagawd I'm so 21st Century, or tight and desperate ...

lexielou Fri 27-Oct-06 21:06:47

Thats great to know... I always use only one chilli then the rest go to waste. I shall try this tomorrow when I make chilli for supper

BettyBatShapedSpaghetti Fri 27-Oct-06 21:09:44

You can freeze bunches of fresh coriander -freeze in a bag and then just crush/crumble it as you need it.

Furball Fri 27-Oct-06 21:11:34

I buy frozen crushed garlic

expatinscotland Fri 27-Oct-06 21:12:34

frozen shortcrust pastry.

VeniVidiVickiQV Fri 27-Oct-06 21:12:37

Chopped chives the same - just add in to anything straight from the freezer - no need to defrost of course!

Found out one from my friend today - keep a 2 pint bottle of milk in the freezer for emergencies - you can defrost it if you realise late at night you have run out, ready for the morning. Only really works with semi-skimmed milk, apparently.

Overrun Fri 27-Oct-06 21:21:37

You can freeze the rinds of parmesan cheese, and then bung them in wintry soups, like minestrone for eg or in risottos

Cratchit Fri 27-Oct-06 21:22:12

These are brilliant. Def going for the herbs, do they smash easily or do you need my other obsession apart from my freezer, tupperware?! Furbal where does the garlic come from?

Cratchit Fri 27-Oct-06 21:26:06

Ohh and I do breadcrumbs too. Always have loaves about to go stale when the ducks are full, so do it in bags. Can't be arsed buyign a loaf for a recipes that only nees a couple of ounces or whatever. Brill for Dh's home made stuffing for roasts, making burgers and stuffing tomatoes etc.

PumpkinMilkshake Fri 27-Oct-06 21:43:05

With regards to the milk thing we freeze all our milk. Apparently full fat becomes semi, semi becomes skimmed and skimmed goes a bit watery - but I have never noticed the difference, and it means we alway have plenty of milk, not black tea in this house!

Freeze fruit - if around Autum you have excess orchard fruits, dunk them in some boiling water then bag and freeze. I always cut mine in half first in case of little green worms. Great for crumbles, pies and other things I dont have a big enough kitchen to make

Sophiev73 Fri 27-Oct-06 21:48:31

Slices of lemon and lime - make great ice-cubes straight into G and T!!

popsycal Fri 27-Oct-06 21:55:20

these are boring ones
always have a bottle of frozen milk
a loaf of frozen bread
and a tupperware of tomato pasta sauce for emergenices

expatinscotland Fri 27-Oct-06 21:58:32

before going on holiday, freeze cubes of milk.

that way, you'll have milk for your tea when you walk in the door instead of having to nip out for a fresh pint.

SamhainWitch Fri 27-Oct-06 22:06:54


Cratchit Fri 27-Oct-06 22:10:25

Lol SamhainWitch.

VeniVidiVickiQV Fri 27-Oct-06 22:10:33

ooh slices of lemon a good idea!

Always have pasta sauce, vodka and bread/rolls in the freezer.

SamhainWitch Fri 27-Oct-06 22:12:20

Where exactly in your freezer is the voddie VQ?

Purely for research purposes you understand.

SamhainWitch Fri 27-Oct-06 22:13:21

Oh and where exactly is the freezer in your kitchen layout?

(don't want to go stubbing my toe in the dark)

suedonim Fri 27-Oct-06 22:18:44

I freeze herbs as well, usually in the container thing they come in.

I also freeze the water I've boiled/steamed veggies in (except potato water) so I always have a stock base ready to use.

Cratchit Fri 27-Oct-06 22:23:46

Suedonimn - That's a great idea for stock. I continued doing doing baby veggie baby purees in cubes for the same reason, summer/winter/roast veg etc but don't always get round to it. Roast is great for doing couscousy type things too. It kills me to throw that water out, that's a brilliant idea. It's not freezer based but I also use the end bits of dried mushrooms, blitz them into a powder, and add a generous pinch to stocks. Think I got that from Musnet sometime ago.

VeniVidiVickiQV Fri 27-Oct-06 22:28:28

St G

mamamaaargh Sat 28-Oct-06 04:35:10

Suedonim, apparently potato water is good for making bread with (according to Nigella - haven't actually tried it)

I always make double amount of cookie dough when I make bisuits & freeze half, then defrost it over night next time we 'need' cookies.

Also always have banana loaf in there - I make it as soon as the bananas turn speckly, then slice it & put a couple of bits in each bag. Great for packed lunches.

Furball Sat 28-Oct-06 08:02:19

Cratchit - I get the garlic somewhere in the freezer part of Sainsburys - It's called it's in a red slimline type margarine tube with crushed garlic in big letters on the front

ludaloo Sat 28-Oct-06 08:05:49

I found out recently you can freeze cheese sandwiches...make a whole load up for packed lunches then just take them out the night before
Admitadley I haven't tried it yet

ludaloo Sat 28-Oct-06 08:07:45

Milk? never tried that either...I LOVE the ice cube tray idea though

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