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Question for CD and anyone else who's eaten Risotto Pronto

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motherinferior Mon 26-Apr-04 12:21:22

Is it really nice? Because I know you like Real Food and are keen on this stuff...

ks Mon 26-Apr-04 12:24:19

Message withdrawn

bossykate Mon 26-Apr-04 12:26:09

hi mi, v. good for a packet, but not a patch on the real thing. iirc, no need to stand and stir for 20mins either. cd?

CountessDracula Mon 26-Apr-04 12:29:47

I must say that I really do like the saffron one. Agree is not a patch on the real thing but to knock up a meal in 12 mins it is fab. Almost no stirring, just bung in 2x it's volume in water + the rice and it's done.

Good storecupboard thing, I always have a chorizo in the fridge and some prawns in the freezer, plus peas and peppers so that in itself does a fake paella type thing well

The mushroom one is ok, I sometimes do it with pan-fried trout or salmon fillets for a quick supper. Much prefer home-made mushroom one though. I haven't tried any of the other flavours.

I am not one for short cuts usually, always cook things fresh where I can but this is actually good IMO

motherinferior Mon 26-Apr-04 12:31:52

Many thanks. Always on the lookout. xxx

ks Mon 26-Apr-04 12:40:20

Message withdrawn

CountessDracula Mon 26-Apr-04 12:49:41

dh makes a mean red wine risotto that is one of my favorite things in the world

Codswallop Mon 26-Apr-04 12:50:26

think i have had the mushroom one
dh doenst " get " risotto

Codswallop Mon 26-Apr-04 12:51:20

Ks lolol

and they wandered off cackling saying " crazy english woman and sha a-have no table cloths!"

CountessDracula Mon 26-Apr-04 12:51:21

ks we use Carnaroli rice - is that the same as Arborio?

Codswallop Mon 26-Apr-04 12:53:46

cd habve you blocked me?

Codswallop Mon 26-Apr-04 12:54:38

Isnt pudding rice the same but marketed differently

CountessDracula Mon 26-Apr-04 12:55:01


Codswallop Mon 26-Apr-04 12:59:45

ks sure it want bella Lasagne of Ponty pandy?

aloha Mon 26-Apr-04 13:24:57

Red wine risotto with bacon and chestnuts..mmmm...but not seasonal.

Blu Mon 26-Apr-04 14:14:15

I use the stuff in the packet - brilliant for midweek suppers. I like Mushroom, and the spinach one, but I think that might have been discontinued.

And MI, ignore what it says about portion size and use the whole packet!

Crunchie Mon 26-Apr-04 14:39:01

MI I always use this as it is free on SW (certain flavours) Use the whole packet, and with a bit of extra veg easy does 2. I do the mushroom one, with peas sweetcorn leeks and broccoli and it is great. Makes a change from pasta and almost as easy

ks Wed 28-Apr-04 16:26:08

Message withdrawn

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