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Raw vegetables and unusual vegetables

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ThatBloodyWoman Wed 11-Feb-15 18:48:39

I'm trying to up our families veg intake.
I wondered what veg you can't eat raw,and of the ones you can eat raw,but aren't the usual ones,how you eat them (ie grated,in ribbons in salads etc)
Also interested in trying some new,more unusual veg,and would like some suggestions,plus how to serve them.

CogitoErgoSometimes Wed 11-Feb-15 19:03:56

The ones you probably shouldn't eat raw are the very hard, starchy ones... potatoes, sweet potatoes, hard squashes, swedes... because they can be pretty indigestible. The semi starchy ones can be pared and eaten raw... celeriac, kohl rabi, hard cabbages, turnip, green squashes, parsnip, carrot... or roasted in chunks or steamed. Things like fennel, celery hearts and chicory are lovely braised with a little stock. There's a big variety of leafy greens that can also be braised, steamed or shredded and stir-fried.

ThatBloodyWoman Wed 11-Feb-15 19:11:53

Oh fantastic Cogito - thanks!
We recently tried kale for the first time,and all loved it.
Celeriac wasn't quite so popular -very strong taste.
Fennel is definitely one I must try soon.

We just seem to get in a rut with the same old things,and it seems such a shame.

CogitoErgoSometimes Wed 11-Feb-15 21:14:54

What a pity, I love celeriac. My favourite way of serving it is to peel, thinly slice and then layer it up with thinly sliced potatoes and onions for a sort of Pommes Boulangere Plus baked in stock.

ThatBloodyWoman Wed 11-Feb-15 21:38:21

Ooo that sounds nice.
I loved it,it was my dd's that were unsure -mind you they didn't actively dislike it,so it can definitely be tried again in different guises.

cdtaylornats Wed 11-Feb-15 23:19:38

Peas are good raw especially if you can get someone else to peel them.

You could also add a bit of variety with the different coloured vegetables now availabe, purple potato salad, striped tomatoes, stripey beetroot and purple carrots. Fennel can add an interesting taste as can various mushrooms. Quinoa can add a nutty taste (as can nuts).

Olives, capers or pickles can add flavour and texture.

You could also experiment with various dressings - Raspberry or Cider vinegars, toasted sesame oil instead of olive oil.

engeika Fri 13-Feb-15 19:23:57

I am a huge fan of red cabbage. I do it the traditional way with red wine etc, (many recipes available) or I make a coleslaw with it, (with a french dressing or light mayonnaise. (Raw)

Also like beetroot - roasted or raw shredded in a slaw/salad.

My kids love swede and carrots mashed with butter and black pepper - was a childhood favourite of mine too.

I often put some chopped tomatoes or peppers in a small dish or ramekin with oil and cook in the oven with whatever I'm doing - it makes a sort of veg/sauce. V easy.

Ribbons of courgette or cucumber and carrot quickly stirred in butter with some seeds also good.

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