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Cheese board advice please!

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oneowlgirl Wed 11-Feb-15 00:13:46

I don't like cheese, so don't eat it, but would like to do a nice cheeseboard for my DH as he loves cheese - any recommendations? All major supermarkets are close by, so can easily get to Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons, Aldi etc. TIA!

RosyAuroch Wed 11-Feb-15 03:18:53

caboc, roqueforte, red leicester

GreenSpaghetti Wed 11-Feb-15 04:27:29

Jarlsberg and cambozola are our must haves

EugenesAxe Wed 11-Feb-15 04:46:46

I always like Cornish yarg on mine, and DH likes Roquefort. I recall someone buying Tesco Finest cheeses once for a group Christmas meal, and me thinking they were good. Not everyone sells yarg though; it's a nicely flavoured, creamy/hard cheese. I eat the nettle covering but some cut it off.

Also like Jarlsberg - lovely and nutty flavoured. A good Camembert or Brie is important to me - a nice ripe one will feel like an eyeball (I mean, the resistance you feel when you push gently on your eyelid).

Silverjohnleggedit Wed 11-Feb-15 08:19:00

When we are putting together a cheese board we'll look for 3 cheeses that vary in texture and flavour. Basically a blue, a hard and a soft cheese. Great blues like - Roquefort, Stilton, Gorgonzola are pretty easy to get hold of, hard cheese - comte, has a great flavour and for the soft camembert from Normandy is usually pretty good from a supermarket. Or some goats cheese - one with a bloom or a fresher more mousse like version is pretty easy to find. I like Carrs table water for a biscuit, digestives go well with blue and strong hard cheese but not with softer cheese. You might like to add a chutney, something fruity and sweet...

berberana Wed 11-Feb-15 08:55:21

Sainsburys is best for interesting cheese I reckon. Go for Chaource as an amazing alternative to Camembert, it's fabulously creamy. Blacksticks Silk or Blacksticks Blue are lovely blue cheeses and not to strong but full of flavour. Also how about a manchego for a hard cheese? I would second yarg too but as pp says not always easy to get hold of...

Am pregnant so am dreaming of the day this fantasy cheeseboard is all mine once again!

Oh and I like water biscuits and oatcakes to go with. And grapes. Aldi have some amazing "sable" grapes at the moment - they are so perfumey they are fab!

RosyAuroch Wed 11-Feb-15 08:57:23

I haven't eaten cheese for two years.

Now I want a halloumi sandwich.

cdtaylornats Wed 11-Feb-15 11:17:26

All of the big supermarkets do cheese selection packs. Aldi for example do this

Its easier than checking labels and descriptions. Don't forget oatcakes or crackers.

SweetValentine Wed 11-Feb-15 13:22:13

There might be a good deli near you or a cheesemongers? Have a Google they will have a good selection.

My cheeseboards have

One cheddar
One blue
One creamy
One goats cheese

Get different fancy Types of each but one off all those will give you a well rounded board.

If you wanted to do a special board don't forget fancy biscuits!

oneowlgirl Wed 11-Feb-15 18:54:47

Thanks so much - really appreciate the advice as I've no idea!

oneowlgirl Sat 14-Feb-15 19:50:13

Thank you all - I bought the 'ready made' cheese board from Aldi along with another cheese that I know he likes & it's gone down a storm with him! At least it seems like I've been thoughtful for Valentines (as there was no other pressie from me!) grin

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