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Deliciously Ella and the like - best place for more specialised ingredients

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Itwontletmenamechange Sun 08-Feb-15 17:14:28


Just bought the book and would like to try some of the recipes, particularly the sweeter type things to reduce sugar and crap DC's eat. However a lot of ingredients are quite specialised and not available from local supermarket (raw cacao powder, gluten free flours, spirulina etc) can anyone recommend a one stop internet shop? I don't like picking random ones that google throws up


Ps anything else a store cupboard essential? I already have coconut oil and ACV

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Gileswithachainsaw Sun 08-Feb-15 17:15:41

Goodness direct

Itwontletmenamechange Sun 08-Feb-15 17:20:54


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cdtaylornats Sun 08-Feb-15 17:29:48

I've used them several times and always found them excellent.

Itwontletmenamechange Sun 08-Feb-15 17:31:24

Is there a way to do this kind of eating without it costing the earth?

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Henbur1702 Sun 08-Feb-15 17:45:32

Sites mentioned as well as and real Asian supermarkets also good for flours, nuts, pulses, beans etc. Once you know what you like you can buy in bulk and save money. Some of the things can be found in the socialist foods in supermarkets as well. If you like Ella's book which is fab, also try Pippa kendrick she has a book and website called the intolerant gourmet and Danielle walker has a book called against all grain - they have more savoury recipes and meat ones too. I'm coeliac so have to eat like is but once you get into it it's very easy and you feel so well.

RosyAuroch Tue 10-Feb-15 23:26:40 is brilliant. They are my corner shop and I love them. So Before we lived here, we lived somewhere a bit remote, so we got orders from them- only £24 spend for free delivery and they send it overnight (if you order fresh fruit/veggies it will be sent Thursday to arrive Friday).

Goodnessdirect is also good, I get a few things Realfoods don't stock from there (ener-g rice bread and organic vac pac chestnuts). Min order for free delivery is £35 (but more if you are ordering frozen foods). Here is a voucher for money off. They update it every few months so always worth googling it.

Eyespy24 Wed 11-Feb-15 02:04:02

Amazon are quite good for unusual foods too

rootypig Wed 11-Feb-15 02:20:00

Is there a way to do this kind of eating without it costing the earth?

Ella Woodward is the daughter of Shaun Woodward and a Sainsbury's heiress, so probably not!

RosyAuroch Wed 11-Feb-15 02:56:11

Itwon'tletmenamechange Rootypig friend of mine did something similar (raw vegan) by going to work at a wholesale organic/healthfood supplier. It was a co-operative structure I think. Pay was ok, but the reductions on food made her hourly rate seem a whole lot healthier. She basically got stuff at cost. She also negotiated a very good deal with a local organic fruit/veg box supplier as she took so much a week compared to most people. She had a p/t business making and selling raw food treats at craft fairs etc. She made money from it and was also able to increase the amount of food she ordered, taking down her unit cost etc. It was her passion though.

That might be a super committed way of doing it, but a healthfood place local to me offers a 35% discount to staff, so a part-time job could end up paying handsomely once you take the discount into account. i.e. if you spend £50 a week there, it would add nearly £20 to your effective pay. Must admit I've thought about it.

Another friend of mine got an allotment to be able to grow her own fruit/veg. Understand that's difficult in some parts of the country now.

Also, look into wholefoods/fruit & veg co-ops. Or places offering a discount if you shop early, my local place offers 10% off if you shop between 8am and 10am. Adds up. also, some online places (e.g. Realfoods listed above) offer a discount if you buy multiples- 10% off if you buy 5 or more.

I think you can doing it without costing the earth in money. But it will cost you in time and research.

BsshBosh Thu 12-Feb-15 19:47:44

Ocado has a surprising number of those items and more.

gc92 Wed 28-Feb-18 11:54:41

I love DE, and also struggle finding some ingredients, I usually find them all at

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