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Fruit and Veg Boxes

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Hithere123 Sat 07-Feb-15 10:23:06

I've had a few leaflets through lately for organic veg boxes. Its something I really like the idea of but not sure if it will work for my family. Does anyone have them? Are you ever left with items you don't know what to do with?

PausingFlatly Sat 07-Feb-15 10:32:43

I love my veg box. It prods me to eat a variety of veg I just wouldn't think of spontaneously.

Although some interesting sessions with Google have followed a few first-time arrivals ("What the heck is THAT?!").

But I now eat celeriac and sorrel and seven varieties of cabbage prepared all different ways.

Hithere123 Sat 07-Feb-15 10:37:07

Do you just have veg or fruit too?
How often do you have one delivered?

TooMuchRain Sat 07-Feb-15 10:37:09

I like it for the same reason, and discovered that actually I really like beetroot and red cabbage which were things I would never have bought.

Having said that, we are currently with abel & cole over riverford because you can permanently block items that didn't work out (Jerusalem artichokes in my case!)

PausingFlatly Sat 07-Feb-15 10:44:29

Very small household here, so small box once a fortnight is plenty. Mine's mixed fruit and veg, but it's from a small company working with local farmers, so once the stored apples and pears run out for the winter there's no fruit until the rhubarb starts in the spring.

In the summer, it's stuffed with very fresh soft fruit of all kinds. Helps that we live in mixed-farming area of the country!

PausingFlatly Sat 07-Feb-15 10:45:09

And I can permanently block items as well.

MsRinky Sat 07-Feb-15 14:57:56

We have a weekly Riverford medium veg box, the less roots version, as I eat lower-carb, and so don't do spuds. I get milk, eggs and usually a couple of extra veg alongside it. Oh, and bananas for Mr Rinky. I love it. Not bothered about blocking items, as I never met a vegetable I didn't like. Well maybe apart from okra, but If worst came to worst I could eat it deep fried in breadcrumbs.

Nanasueathome Sat 07-Feb-15 15:00:28

I use Riverford and as long as you spend £12.50 you can order whatever they have available, do not need to order an actual pre made box
They have a range of pies and pasties which are very nice as well as dairy etc
Veg and fruit can be ordered individually as well

LumpySpacedPrincess Sat 07-Feb-15 16:24:27

I get the same box as MsRinky I top up in between if I need to. I get ridiculously excited about veg box day. blush

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