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Bannoffee Pie

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bluesky Thu 22-Apr-04 15:09:47

Please help me find the yummiest Bannoffee Pie recipe.

The yummy base, the gooey toffee middle and freshly sliced bananas on the top.

I've got friends coming for supper tomorrow and for some reason BP keeps popping into my head, so no other pudding will do!

Many thanks

Babyannabel Thu 22-Apr-04 15:14:26

This is a fab one (and so so easy!)

Buy (or if you are brave then make) a pastry case and bake.

Boil a tin of nestle condensed milk for a few hours (the tin should be closed and DO NOT let the pan boil dry).

When it is cool then tip the nestles milk into the pastry case (the milk is now all toffee ish and scrummy) and top with bananas and whipped cream.

Luckily this is completely fat free and so so good for you!!!


SoupDragon Thu 22-Apr-04 15:22:50

Ooooh! Don't mention Nestle! Use another brand of condensed milk BTW, it IS possible to explode a can of condensed milk this way and it makes an appalling mess!

Personally I prefer banoffee pie on a digestive biscuit base but that's because I dislike pastry.

Completely fat free *and* a portion of fruit too. Doubley healthy.

Babyannabel Thu 22-Apr-04 15:25:51

Ooops then change that to:
Boil a tin of generic condensed milk
Don't let it explode

It must be worth the risk though isn't it??

SoupDragon Thu 22-Apr-04 15:28:10

Yours was the recipe I was trying to remember actually I had a friend who used to make wonderful banoffee pie and this was how she did it. Being a wee bit on the scatty side, she did once explode a can of condensed milk - I believe it needed to be cleaned off the kitchen ceiling!

bluesky Thu 22-Apr-04 19:31:04

Thanks BA and SD, I think I prefer the biscuit base too, so I presume I cook that first in the oven, then add the tin of cream, which I am REALLY nervous about doing, is this THE ONLY way to make a great Banoffee?

Anyone else?

Babyannabel Thu 22-Apr-04 19:48:40

I don't think you need to cook the biscuit base. Put a packet of digestives into a plastic freezer bag and then bash it with a rolling pin. Pour some melted butter on to mush it together a bit and then press into a pie dish and refridgerate. I take it that it's a no to dinner then? Perhaps another time

Kayleigh Thu 22-Apr-04 19:54:55

Oooh this sounds good.
Do you need to pierce the tin of generic condensed milk first ?

Babyannabel Thu 22-Apr-04 19:59:25

I have never pierced the tin, make sure that the water almost reaches the top of the tin. I've done this loads of times and it has always been great. The unopened tin keeps for ages in the fridge so you can do a couple at a time! Good luck!

Kayleigh Thu 22-Apr-04 20:03:40

and when you say boil it "for a few hours". Are we talking 3 hours or 7 hours.

I unfortunately am one of those people that needs an exact recipe. None of these "pinch of" and "small amount of" recipes for me

allatsea Thu 22-Apr-04 20:04:06

be careful when you open the tin once it's been simmering for a couple of hours. I once opened one shortly after cooking time was up and the stuff splurted everywhere, and nearly burnt dh!

Kayleigh Thu 22-Apr-04 20:08:29

oh no, all at sea says "couple" of hours and Babyannabel says "few" hours. I need precise timings lady or I will screw this up

And allatsea, babyannabel did say "When it is cool". I think that's probably an important bit

suzywong Thu 22-Apr-04 20:09:13

three hours should do the trick

CountessDracula Fri 23-Apr-04 11:56:56

NONONO, you can buy it ready done in a jar and it is fantastic. I think I got it in Waitrose - can't remember the make but is in quite a big jar with a blue label.

bluesky Fri 23-Apr-04 12:23:14

Countess, thank you, you're a star. I decided against the pie this morning, as I couldnt find a 3 hr period today before supper to boil the stuff, and of course guard against potential explosion!

but no Waitrose here I come.

Will let you know how it goes! Yum yum yum .....

CountessDracula Fri 23-Apr-04 15:31:29

Did you find it bluesky? Am now worrying in case I got it in the deli but I'm 99% sure it was Waitrose

florenceuk Fri 23-Apr-04 16:56:10

I read somewhere you can do this in the microwave - search on dolce (dulce?) de leche and microwave and it should come up. eg here

Soapbox Fri 23-Apr-04 17:11:06

Just a tip for next time - I boil the cans (for 3 hours exactly) as soon as I buy them and then store them in the cupboard ready to use. I always have a couple in the cupboard that way I can rustle up a banoffee pie if I have surprise visitors!

bluesky Fri 23-Apr-04 17:48:49

I found it thanks Countess, you can also get a banana flavour and another one, but I went for the toffee.

It had recipe on side too! So I've crushed the 20 digestives, spooned out the sauce, and licked the spoon, knife ..... yum. So it's waiting in the fridge until before pud time, when I shall slice my bananas. I'm also going to grate a bit of chocolate on the top.

Soapbox, you are just far too organised!!

Soapbox Fri 23-Apr-04 17:55:17

Bluesky - believe me if you knew me in RL you would think anything but that

CountessDracula Fri 23-Apr-04 18:33:56


SoupDragon Fri 23-Apr-04 18:52:15

Message withdrawn

Kayleigh Fri 23-Apr-04 19:28:13

3 hours boiling a tin or a quick trip to Waitrose. Ummm. Think I've decided

miggy Fri 23-Apr-04 21:34:55

Next time add a little instant coffee and icing sugar to the cream before whipping- as per the original "hungry monk" recipe. Really adds to it.

Podmog Sat 24-Apr-04 08:16:16

Message withdrawn

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