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Simple coconut rice pudding receipe please?

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Chocolateteabag Thu 05-Feb-15 17:02:14

I have pudding rice, a tin of coconut milk, milk and sugar. But I cannot find a simple recipe which doesn't involve either what looks to be gallons of milk or American terms (cups/quarts), or an idea of how many servings it will make.

I have 2Ds's (4&13mo) and they loved it when my SIL made them coconut rice pudding - she is away on hols or would be on phone for her recipe really fancy making it for them - can anyone help?

doradoo Thu 05-Feb-15 17:31:39

I would look at a uk recipe for normal rice pudding - perhaps on the packet of rice?

Then use the coconut milk and top up to the required volume with normal milk - or possibly water. Then add a smaller amount of sugar as the coconut milk is quite sweet.

I've made it before this way - but can't give you any definite quantities. I normally do it in the slow cooker - but would be just as easy done conventionally.

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