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Egg white/sugar ratio in meringues?

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onepotatotwopotato Thu 29-Jan-15 12:38:40

I froze some egg whites a month or so ago but forgot to write on the container how many there are smile

It might be 4, it might be 5.

I thought if I weighted them once I've defrosted them, I could work out how much sugar to add.

Does anyone know what ratio of sugar to egg whites (by weights) I need for meringues?

VictoriaSandwich123 Thu 29-Jan-15 12:43:34

Yes, 1 (medium) egg white is approximately 30g. The ratio for meringue is 1 egg white to 55g caster sugar.

However, you may not need as much sugar as that, if you add it gradually you will be able to see when it is ready.

Hope that helps.

onepotatotwopotato Thu 29-Jan-15 15:47:19

Thank you VictoriaSponge grin

onepotatotwopotato Thu 29-Jan-15 20:52:14

VictoriaSandwich, even.

Apologies - was distracted by the thought of cake, clearly.

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