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Slow cooker questions (Heston/Sage multi cooker)

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ilovetosleep Sat 17-Jan-15 15:18:05

I have a lovely new multi cooker but I'm a bit confused by something. The instructions state that I need to fill it between the min/max lines inside. But I also know that I have to halve liquid to make a successful stew in the slow cooker. So I made a curry with 4 whole chicken leg portions and even with my usual amount of liquid (tin tomatoes) it didn't reach the minimum line. It did turn out pretty watery. Its not enormous so I'm confused, especially as I want to try pulled pork which has no liquid at all?

And tommorrow I want to cook (halve) this wahaca pork pibil recipe which only has the juice of 3 oranges, so that probably won't reach the minimum mark either.

The other Q I have is that this cooker only has two time/duration settings - high for 3-4 hrs and low for 6-8 hours. I have a recipe that calls for 10-12 hours on high! Are all slow cookers similar in their settings ie do I just keep re starting the high setting every 4 hours until its been 12 hours?

Thanks in advance!

MaryMotherOfCheeses Sat 17-Jan-15 23:39:38

What is a multi cooker? Haven't heard of that.

Liquid in a slow cooker is crazy to me. you put meat in which seems fairly dry and it comes out swimming. When i do pulled pork, I put a cm of water in the bottom and that seems unnecessary, I just feel that something is necessary to stop, I don't know what, it burning a bit before some of the juices come out.

the stuff doesn't have to be covered to cook so I'd trust your instincts and ignore the min / max lines.

But that's slow cooker thinking not multi cooker thinking.

ilovetosleep Sun 18-Jan-15 14:08:10

Ok I think I'll ignore the lines. It's called a multi cooker but is basically a slow cooker that also has sear, rice and risotto settings. Maybe the minimum line is just for food generally rather than liquid... Do bog standard slow cookers have these lines inside?

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