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Alternative weetabix uses?!

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greenicecream Thu 15-Jan-15 19:16:18

My DC have started refusing weetabix... I am not a fan of it (so can't blame them!) but have a practically full packet. It's been opened so I can't give it away - any recipe ideas for it? A long shot I know!!

PotOfYoghurt Thu 15-Jan-15 19:18:59

A delicious chocolate & weetabix fudge square thing my mother used to make. I don't actually have the recipe on me, so I'm not very helpful! But it sure was delicious grin

Let me see if my sister has it.

TyneTeas Thu 15-Jan-15 20:46:30

There's a few ideas on this thread

greenicecream Thu 15-Jan-15 22:06:49

Brilliant - thanks both!

lilolilmanchester Thu 15-Jan-15 22:29:16

Have your DCs tried it with hot milk? I like weetabix with both hot and cold but would say they taste very different.

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