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Anyone know where to get Refrigerated Biscuit Dough or similar?

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EverySignVital Thu 15-Jan-15 10:21:59

Hi there,

I'm new to Mumsnet. I discovered a slowcooker recipe online today that I'm very keen to make for tonight, here's a link:

Only problem is I'm unsure as to where you can get Refrigerated Biscuit Dough in Manchester (where I am based.)

It's not an ingredient I've ever heard of before and I've already gathered from a little bit of googling that it's a much more common ingredient in the US.

If anyone knows either a place in Manchester where I could get some refrigerated biscuit dough, or has an idea of what would be an effective substitute for this recipe, I'd be super grateful!


babymouse Thu 15-Jan-15 10:28:09

You'll probably have to make your own, but it's not that difficult. generally it's made of four, butter, salt and baking powder. There's a recipe on cooking for engineers that is really simple and we'll explained, but I can't link to it as on phone.

EverySignVital Thu 15-Jan-15 10:51:16

Thanks, unfortunately I don't think I'm gonna have time to make my own. I may have to change my plans of what I'm cooking this evening.

I did call Asda in Hulme to see if they had anything like it but apparently they don't.

uggmum Thu 15-Jan-15 10:54:53

You can get it in sainsburys. Usually next to the ready made refrigerated pastry.

Hakluyt Thu 15-Jan-15 10:59:11

It's an American recipe- don't buy British biscuit dough! In America, biscuit means something like a scone or a dumpling.

Buy a packet of scone mix, make it up according to the packet and put that on top. Or a packet of dumpling mix.

EverySignVital Thu 15-Jan-15 11:13:00

Thanks, Hakluyt, that's super helpful! Asda definitely do scone mix so I'll grab some of that!

babymouse Thu 15-Jan-15 11:54:53

It's kind of like a savoury scone or dumpling - but it's flaky. Are the biscuits used as a topping or base because I think that will effect what will work best. is it's a base the schooner stuff should be OK, but as a ripping I think it would be to heavy.

babymouse Thu 15-Jan-15 11:56:43

*topping rather

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