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Does anyone have a slow cooker lamb recipe please?

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Inmyownlittlecorner Thu 08-Jan-15 10:32:23

My lovely neighbour gave me her Slow Cooker when she moved & now my oven is broken I've decided today is the day to give it a go!
I've got diced lamb shoulder & I want a lovely gravy type casserole. Have any of you got any fail safe recipes?!
I'll happily take recipes for other meats too!

RojaGato Thu 08-Jan-15 17:53:46

Brown the lamb. Transfer to slow cooker. Top with some potatoes chopped into small cubes. Deglaze pan with stock and simmer to reduce stock a bit. Add chopped or dried parsley, stir. Add a few drops of hot sauce or worchestershire sauce or a couple of teaspoons of aged balsamic vinegar if you like them to add depth of flavour. Cover lamb and potatoes with stock, cook on low for 8 hours/overnight.

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