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tea recipes to include 2yr old

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RachieS1986 Tue 06-Jan-15 22:43:38

Hi anyone any ideas/recipes for teas that ds 2yrs old nearly 3 can get involved making. Every time he got teeth he stopped eating he now seems to have them all for time being and feel like I'm weaning all over again. At thw min all he wants to eat r crunchy nuts with honey and milk or honey sandwiches.

MonstersIncq Wed 07-Jan-15 15:44:59

Have you got a blender/chopper/any kitchen gadgets. I find when we use those my DS (just 3) loves getting involved.

At this age they can help with almost anything. Except for independent chopping. Were you looking for ideas of things he might like to eat?

I also find going to butchers, green grocers etc and getting them chatting is really helpful with getting him to try things.

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