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Slow cookers - talk to me!!

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suecy Sun 04-Jan-15 10:29:13

OK we're trying to be healthy in the NY and are doing the dryathlon as I like to drink too much wine - have already identified after 3 days that one of my main trigger points is cooking the evening meal - it is my key decision point as to whether to open a bottlle or not.

So am contemplating a slow cooker because it will remove that point, and I have also read they are more healthy. At least half of the meals we eat each week come out of one pot - chilli, curry, stew, tajine etc so I'm thinking it makes sense and will free up time for me to do more active stuff! Also there are a couple of nights a week where we eat separately due to sport etc so I'm thinking this would stop us eating pizza from freezer etc

Can you share your wisdom with me? Will it become a white elephant etc (although I have had my soup maker for 18 months and still use it twice a week). Also, we're vegetarian so will it still be worth it - do the veggies go really mushy? Do things really never get stuck to the bottom? Do you still need oil or will it be healthier that way?

What is the best buy?
Any good (veggie) recipe books?
Are your experiences positive?

Many thanks in advance

yellowsnownoteatwillyou Sun 04-Jan-15 10:34:48

If you are on fb join slow cooked wonders, and view the files they have loads of ideas an tips.The fudge madness has stopped on the main page so you should get proper food now. I make all sorts in mine. grin

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