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which slow cooker ?

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Heavymetalmater Thu 01-Jan-15 12:17:21

Can anyone recommend a good brand of slow cooker. Also what size is best. We are a family of 4. I would like to be able to cook a joint of meat/ chicken in it so was thinking of a larger one. Thanks in advance for recommendations.

JamNan Thu 01-Jan-15 14:29:17

Mine is a cheap as chips 3-litre version from Tesco and I can cook a joint like pulled pork for 4-5 in it. If I went for a more sophisticated version I would probably choose one with a fairly large capacity and maybe a timer device.

pregnantpause Thu 01-Jan-15 18:32:17

The cheap ones work just fine- if you don't want to you don't have to spend more than £20. I have a 3ltr tesco own which can fit a small chicken, and roast, easily feeds a family of four.

However of my three I love the crockpot.

(!49!3!60662829971!b!!g!!+crock +pot +lakeland&ef_id=VATwmQAAANuw-Udp:20150101182735:s)

It's a 5.7 litre with a timer and can be put under the grill or in oven to brown the top of hotspots/ casseroles nicely. It is a good consistent temperature too- cooks slowly on low so you really can leave it for 10+ hours, whereas with others ( Russell Hobbs I'm looking at youhmm) they are too hot and stuff will stick to the sides. It's also been the longest lasting sc for me- the rubber seal is still completely intact after two years of twice a week use- do not expect this of either Russell Hobbs or tesco own- then again I don't think many people use it as frequently, they're just not designed for daily use year in year out, and the washing that goes with that ( this only applies to the seals- the pots themselves are fine, but less efficient with a less tight seal)

dreamingofsun Thu 01-Jan-15 19:19:34

mine was cheap when i bought it 25 years ago. used regularly. can't see the point of spending more. ours is 3 litre.

Takesalongtime Sat 03-Jan-15 19:24:58

We're a family of 5 mine is Murphy Richards- fits large chicken in (6litre I think)

I freeze the leftovers which works very well

wohmum Sat 03-Jan-15 21:44:28

I've just bought a Morphy Richards seal n stew for £30 in Argos, was a Which recommended best buy. It's 3.5l and I've just put in a casserole for 8 (I hope!)

Crockpot and Lakeland also came out well in the high review, but I think they all do fairly well.

OpiesOldLady Sat 03-Jan-15 21:48:23

I'd very highly recommend the Argos Cook Works 6.5ltr. It's less than £20 and it does what you need it to do very well indeed.

Rainicorn Sat 03-Jan-15 21:53:21

I have this Crock Pot. It's fantastic as you can use it on a gas job to sauté your onions/vegetables first before putting the rest of the ingredients in. It washes very well and there is a timer.

I do an amazing pulled pork in it.

I have tried the Tesco cheap,one and although does the job, I prefer being able to sauté vegetables before using.

chocomochi Sun 04-Jan-15 12:36:48

We (me, DH and two DCs) also have the 5.7l crock pot and it's brilliant as you can do large joints in, and batch cook for the freezer easily. I love the timer option as it means I can "cook" for 6 hours for example if I'm out and it switches over to keep warm.

Norfolkandchance1234 Wed 07-Jan-15 14:12:08

I have a similar a crockpot to rainicorn only mine is not digital it just has a dial with low,high and warm once it's cooked. It's great because you can use the pot separately in the oven. Great if you want to brown whatever you've cooked in the oven with lid off for 20 mins or so. Great thing I find with slow cookers is you can chuck in frozen meat with the ingredients.
The base of a crockpot heats up around the whole underneath of the pot as opposed to having hot spots that other brands might have.
I got mine cheap off amazon about 5 years ago.
I love it for things like baked potatoes which I chuck in the morning on low and top with left over bolognaise or chilli sauce.

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