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Toddlers and calcium

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nojaffacakes Wed 31-Dec-14 11:42:46

Hi everyone
My two toddlers aged 3 and 2 have recently given up their bottles, which I am very pleased about. They now drink all their milk from cups...but in minute quantities. I am worried they are not getting enough calcium for their growing bones. I give them as much yoghurt/fromage frais/cheese as they want but it still doesn't seem to be that much.
Do you have any ideas how I can increase their calcium intake? Or should I be considering supplements?


CogitOIOIO Wed 31-Dec-14 16:29:28

They will get calcium from dairy products but also from things like dark green vegetables, fortified breakfast cereals, beans, oranges and other sources. The aim should be to offer them a balanced and varied diet rather than to worry about one nutrient in isolation.

nojaffacakes Wed 31-Dec-14 20:47:58

Ok. That's helpful- thanks! Id forgotten about all the other sources of calcium...

Iggly Wed 31-Dec-14 20:49:54

You don't need that much to get enough calcium.

AnythingNotEverything Wed 31-Dec-14 20:51:24

From 12 months they only need 2/3 of a pint a day, so if they're having cheese and yoghurt they don't needs lots of milk too, maybe a sippy cup a day.

hwhite6 Thu 01-Jan-15 07:49:03

1-3yr old need ~350mg/day
4-6yr olds need ~450mg/day of Calcium.
A 30g piece of cheddar provides about 220mg, it's a very calcium-dense food! (A babybel is only about 130mg though)
280ml (1/2pt or ~9oz) of cows milk has about 340mg of Ca in it, so even if they only have a small glass of milk and a bit of cheese, they're probably covered right now.
Cogit is right in that variety is better, especially as other foods give you more vitamins and minerals & fibre etc too. Milk is not the be-all & end-all (as both my boys have dairy allergies, so all this lovely cheese is off our menu completely)!

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