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Anyone got Bill Granger's Easy?

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mbabanemummy Fri 26-Dec-14 20:29:24

We're staying with family and cooking Bill's Vietnamese beef curry for them but our recipe book is at home and I can't remember the proportions of fish sauce, curry powder and stock. Can anyone help?

PS it's an excellent cook book!

LucyEyelesbarrow Sat 27-Dec-14 10:41:54

Probably too late but it's 2tbsp curry powder, 500ml stock, 3 tbsp fish sauce.

I haven't tried that recipe but we do really like the book.

mbabanemummy Sat 27-Dec-14 12:47:10

It's not too late, it's for tonight, thank you! And do try it, it's really delicious (my other fave is the orange and oregano pork, you?)

LucyEyelesbarrow Sat 27-Dec-14 14:53:53

Oh, good! My favourite is probably the yellow fish curry because we now make that - the paste and "sauce" - whenever we're really stuck for something to make midweek and change the fish and beans to whatever we have to hand.

I've bookmarked the pork to give it a go but haven't yet; must try it!

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