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Food accidently frozen

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BernardsBum Wed 24-Dec-14 12:37:40

DH decided to turn up the fridge last night (the fridge in the unheated garage) & has frozen the contents. Most of our Christmas food. I know the meat will be fine (as long as it defrosts in time!) but can I use any of the following once defrosted:
Double cream
Ready made custard
clotted cream
Cheshire cheese
cheddar (HUGE block)
Pork pie

I am trying my best not to throttle him!

dreamingofsun Wed 24-Dec-14 15:10:26

clotted cream and hard cheese i've heard of being frozen - so not a problem - cheddar i've done regularly it may just be bit crumbly. not sure about the other stuff - i think the problem is likely to be the effect on the appearance though and not food poisoning (unless anything has been previously frozen, which would seem unlikely, except maybe the pork pie (can you check the wrapper). You can't normally freeze soft cheese - so the brie may have had it - but check ones defrosted. if i'd steered clear of anything it would be the pork pie as most likely to get poisoning from that.

grumpyoldgitagain Wed 24-Dec-14 15:36:23

There's nothing on your list that I wouldn't happily just eat as planned

agoodbook Wed 24-Dec-14 18:33:45

I actually freeze cheese when its on offer, so definitely , and you can buy frozen cream, in fact I'm pretty sure it will all be okay really! smile

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