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Special diet and Christmas

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johnnyone Mon 22-Dec-14 23:21:59

Hi Everyone

Apologies for being an interloper on the site but I think you'll have the expertise I need to sort me out...

I'm trying to put together a Christmas lunch for my family but in the last year since her stroke my elderly mum has been struggling more and more to swallow 'regular' food. I've been developing a selection of soft diet meals that she can eat and seems to enjoy (well that's what she tells me smile ) but I'm wondering what on earth to do for Christmas. She loves all those traditional flavours so I'm still doing turkey etc for the rest of us but I don't want her to miss out. The soft veg, stuffing etc will be no problem, but have you any ideas on what to do with turkey? I don't want to resort to a big pile of pureed gloop ...

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

LookImStuckInTheChimney Tue 23-Dec-14 08:19:10

Bless you for being so caring!

My Grandmother had the same problem but she would bash her plate if she thought we were trying to give her baby type food. Quite a feisty one grin

I'm a veggie so probably not the best person to give advice but if the turkey was in tiny pieces already, would that help? Like the tiniest of strips, same as rice sort of size? Good soaking of gravy?

What sort of texture can she manage? Can you get turkey sausages?

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