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help save my soup!

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Misty9 Sun 21-Dec-14 23:38:44

I made a veg soup this evening to use up the many random veg in the fridge. Used a well rated recipe from goodfood but it tastes too much of swede sad and there's over a litre of the stuff. Husband added sugar but still not great.

Any ideas? Or bin it?

Theselittlelightsofmine Sun 21-Dec-14 23:39:27

Crumble in a stock cube?

holeinmyheart Sun 21-Dec-14 23:46:24

Put in a tin of tomatoes and a table spoon of tomato purée . Then cook a large handful of pasta shells and put into the cooked blended soup.

TyneTeas Sun 21-Dec-14 23:46:54

swede is quite sweet so probably don't add more sugar...

Would pepper and less sweet herbs like thyme and bayleaf help?

Potato also is a great remedy for most culinary 'issues' - maybe grate some in

mineswine Sun 21-Dec-14 23:48:21

Add some chilli powder and pinch of cayenne pepper or maybe a tin of
chopped tomatoes and blend.

Misty9 Sun 21-Dec-14 23:53:51

Might try tomatoes. It's got tomato puree and veg stock in already. Also jerk seasoning. It tastes a bit bitter? Veg were: half Leek, courgette, 3/4 swede, small turnip, two carrots, Red chilli, head of broccoli... told you it was random

ShoutyMom Mon 22-Dec-14 08:01:12

Melt in some Philadelphia or add some cream to add creaminess and tone down the flavours?

Misty9 Mon 22-Dec-14 18:44:15

Well, my 8 month old likes it as is thank goodness for infant taste buds so it's portioned up and frozen for her smile

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