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juicer or blender?

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hissingcat Sun 21-Dec-14 21:08:03

What's the difference?
DH is keen to start drinking vegetable juices and fruit juices made from a mixture of fresh fruits and vegetables.
Would a blender be ok for this or would he be better with a juicer?
would a blender leave lots of 'bits' where a juicer would remove them and does it matter if the drinks have bits in them? confused

hissingcat Mon 22-Dec-14 11:35:45


RojaGato Mon 22-Dec-14 12:14:36

Juicing removes the fibre. That's good for most people, but insoluble fibre can aggravate some kinds of ibs. A juicer is better for hard fruits and vegetables- apples, beetroot, carrots etc. You usually need a different type of juicer for citrus fruits, but hey can be had got very cheaply.

A really good blender won't leave many bits. Does your husband mind bits?, but I'm not sure I would fancy blended raw carrots or beetroot tbh.

We had a juicing phase a couple of years back and we tended to juice hard fruits and vegetables in a juicer then add soft fruits (e.g. berries bananas) to the juice in blender to make a smoothie. We also had a cheap citrus juicer for oranges etc.

If you want a juicer, look for an auger one rather than centrifugal- more expensive but better quantity and quality of juice usually.

There are blenders like Magic Bullet that make drinks out of fruits and vegetables without removing the pulp, but I haven't tried one of those specific types.

hissingcat Tue 23-Dec-14 22:07:15

Thanks for the reply. DH ended up buying a small breville blender today which seems to be doing what he wants it to and made a vegetable 'juice' with no bits at all.
much better than the food processor managed!

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