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flowerpowergirl Sat 20-Dec-14 07:44:48

Hi all
Not sure if this is the right place but I am looking for recommendations for a family meal cookery blog. I feel stuck in a rut, am tired of the same ol' same old and need some inspiration. How wonderful would it be to follow a blog which gives ideas for family meals. Not fancy gourmet meals but easy family meals that kids will actually eat! I like cooking from scratch and I have tried devising meal planners but somehow they just don't work for me. Anyway if anyone has any recommendations I'd appreciate a steer! Thx

Unescorted Sat 20-Dec-14 07:52:48

Not a blog, but a book "The Flavour Thesaurus" by Niki Segnit. It isn't a traditional cookbook with recipes but has loads of inspiration for different flavour combinations from around the world.

I also use the library to get out books with food I have never tried. I am lucky to be able to get to a large city library so plenty of choice. I am workiing my way around the globe....

TwoLittleTerrors Sat 20-Dec-14 08:37:34

I like smitten kitchen. She has a preschooler.

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