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'Festive' glaze for salmon fillet please? :)

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Flingmoo Wed 17-Dec-14 10:52:28

My mum doesn't eat meat, just fish, so I'll be making her a salmon fillet on Christmas Day, which she will have with most of the normal Christmas dinner trimmings. (Her preference)

Normally I smother it in sweet chilli glaze but that obviously won't go with traditional roast dinner sides... Anyone got a recipe for a nice Christmassy glaze, I'm thinking something involving orange, cranberry maybe?


CogitOIOIO Wed 17-Dec-14 11:14:35

Rather than a glaze, how about a herb crumb that mimics the stuffing? A combination of breadcrumbs, crumbled chestnut & maybe a little dried cranberry finely chopped or some thinly pared orange rind for colour? Salmon can take fairly strong flavours.

Flingmoo Wed 17-Dec-14 13:08:37

Sounds lovely, might try that!

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