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Alcohol at Aldi- any recommendations?

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AuntySib Sat 06-Dec-14 11:37:35

Am wondering whether to buy in the Christmas booze from Aldi - particularly thinking about port and whiskey. Has anyone tried these? Or want to recommend any other drinks?

gingerbreadmam Sat 06-Dec-14 11:46:09

their amaretto is good apparently and ive heard good things about their prosecco but not tried either.

Oneeyedbloke Sat 06-Dec-14 11:53:27

Well, I know they do a decent bottled beer (Courage) at 99p! And the cheapo Italian red plonk (Vino Rossi? Rosso?) is perfectly drinkable at about £3 a bottle.

Massive fan of Aldi in general, what you have to do is try everything, ie all their 'own brand' stuff - most of it is fine but you work out which products you can't really live with. So for me, I can't handle their breakfast cereals, they're too cardboardy. But they're brilliant on meat & cheese. We used to spend £120+ every week but Aldi is more like £70!! OK, you then have to top up somewhere, eg for the breakfast cereal but we're still saving £30-40 a week.

juneybean Sat 06-Dec-14 11:54:48

Everyone always raves about the ballycastle on par with Bailey's

Branleuse Sat 06-Dec-14 11:56:28

their gin won a blind taste test

Rivercam Sat 06-Dec-14 11:57:23

Their Pimms alternative is good (can't remember their name)

Branleuse Sat 06-Dec-14 11:57:40

and their pear cider is really good. Actually most alcohol from there is either fine or good

NotTheKitchenAgainPlease Sat 06-Dec-14 12:01:39

The gavi and reisling are lovely. Agree that Aldi baileys is also lovely. A lot of their wines are award winners.

FlossieTreadlight Sat 06-Dec-14 12:03:44

The Amaretto is great

StuffedOwl Sat 06-Dec-14 12:05:52

Their Toro Loco red wine has come out on top compared to expensive reds in blind taste tests. Also their gin is good.

CatsClaus Sat 06-Dec-14 12:09:20

their pimms is called Austins, can't remember if this is Aldi or Lidl, mind you

the prosecco is top notch, peachy orange label, around £7.99....i was buying it when it was pennies [bitter] ..both have almost identical products

my dad used to rave about one of their whiskys...can't remember the name, but was a malt rather than a scotch

i often buy the lidl amaretto, it's not the same abv as the Di Sarrono but since I mostly use it for dousing trifles and making Italiano Classicos it is fine enough

Sherry, also good, ditto the vermouth/martinis

and we've had loads of wine and rarely spend more than a fiver, yet to have a bad one.

Also spotted something that looked suspiciously like Grand Marnier in Aldis the other day, Orange Liqueur so I'd be interested to hear how that was...I didn't buy it cos I have a giant bottle of cointreau still.

bayrans Sat 06-Dec-14 12:09:58

The 'baileys' really good, but I found the amaretto disappointing..... Not alcoholic enough!
(It's offer at ocado at £11 at the moment)
Austins the pimms equivalent is good too.
The cotes du rhone is also very quaffable at £3.39 and there was a lovely valpolicella for £7.99

AuntySib Sat 06-Dec-14 18:43:57

Thanks everyone. I agree, the wine and prosecco are good value, really hoping someone can tell me about the whiskey, or port- have a fussy DH who is very fond of Taylors, wondering how Aldi compares. Think I will try the Amaretto!

Levantine Sat 06-Dec-14 22:59:20

Cremant du Loire really lovely but they don't stock it that often. Gin!

Bunbaker Sat 06-Dec-14 23:21:08

This is useful. They used to do another gin that won loads of awards, but seem to have replaced it with the Oliver Cromwell gin now. I must give it a try.

The cava and Prosecco look good as well

shelley1977 Wed 10-Dec-14 11:06:49

My partner and I both thought the aldi take on morgans spiced very nice and really good price.

imalostcause Mon 15-Dec-14 00:47:59

Their cava is great, cremant du loire good too, their version of baileys is lush, but didn't rate their amaretto - quite bland. Anyone recommend a good red wine from there, quite fruity, not heavy and dry?

CakeUpWall Mon 15-Dec-14 01:10:32

We've just opened the sloe gin, in the interests of testing before offering to Xmas guests. Yum. Off to Aldi to stock up tomorrow.

LastLight Wed 17-Dec-14 19:16:29

DPs Gran loves the port, it has become a tradition to buy her a bottle of that rather than Taylors.

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