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Vodka soaked Raisins - any uses?! Raw/paleo or non Christmas cake or pud?

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Sooperswooper Wed 03-Dec-14 14:52:24

My Christmas flavoured vodka has been infusing away for weeks now, and as a result I have seriously plump-with-vodka raisins (oversight that I now have little of the actual vodka but my god, what i have is delicious!). I tend to follow a paleo/raw type of diet, so was thinking of making little raw christmas puds as here: Although I would welcome any other recipe suggestions, raw/paleo and not.

But! My dh laughed (especially as I said i'd use them to make him some proper christmas pud too, not wanting him to miss out be tiddly by myself ) and said that as they are plumped up with vodka (not rum/whisky) anything I made would taste horrible.

Anyone tried any type of recipe using vodka raisins? Recommendations? Does it work or would it taste horrible do you think?

RojaGato Thu 11-Dec-14 23:39:08

Mix them with grated carrots and apples for a sort of paleo chutney to go with roast meats/sausages

Raw carrot cake with cashew icing

Make a christmas castagnaccio- paleo but not raw
I make this one without the sugar It's good with cinnamon subbed for the rosemary too, bit sweeter. Also with none of the additions in the recipe but with mint leaves, dark chocolate and raspberries and apricot kernals instead. Or dates and sliced banana. Or some cocoa powder and fresh ginger juice. Ice with lucuma mixed with a nut butter or coconut oil.

Any of the larabar copies on chocolate covered katie could probably be adapted

Make a sort of boozy rocky road by stirring them into raw chocolate and either let it set in a tin before cutting into slices make little clusters in petit four cases.

Stir into almond butter for a sort of brandy butter type sauce. Or make marzipan without sugar and process these instead to be the sweet element.

Stuff a chicken with chopped chestnuts, the raisins and bacon.

Make an almond pastry (ground almonds, egg), into thin circles, bake and spoon raisins on top once cooked for a paleo mince pie.

Bledn together with coconut to make some sticky truffly things. Maybe add cocoa powder or maybe dip in chocolate.

Coconut wrap plus sliced banana plus nut butter plus raisins

RojaGato Thu 11-Dec-14 23:44:30

Lucuma mixed with cocoa butter is also a good icing

Core an apple, score it round middle, stuff with raisins, honey and coconut oil. Bake for 30-40 mins at 180-200C

Stir in mashed sweet potato or butter nut squash with nut butter, coconut oil or rendered lard/dripping for a sort of candied yam type thing. Cranberries would work with that too.

Stir fry with cauliflower rice and pine nuts.

Whizz celeriac in food process or til riced, stir fry til nutty, stir in raisins, chopped herbs and pinenuts for a tabbouleh type thing

Fry onions/garlic, pork mince, chopped chicken livers, parsley, raisins and pinenuts, add glass of white wine, reduce it off. Use mixture to stuff rolled pork shoulder with crackling.

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