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HELP! Need food ideas for a specific occasion (Not Christmas!)

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sweetheart Wed 03-Dec-14 10:53:37

We are having some friends over on Saturday - one couple we've never had over before and the other couple we know are really into their food and we have been treated to some exceptional food at theirs before!

they are coming over for drinks on Saturday evening but earlyish (approx. 6.30pm) because of another event earlier in the day we are all going to. I suspect it will turn into a whole evening thing so I'm going to need to lay on some kind of food. There will be kids milling about and we don't have room to seat everyone so I need to come up with something that everyone can eat standing around, that tastes amazing and doesn't require too much prep or faffing about. We have a very busy day on Saturday so I can't spend hours in the kitchen prepping amazing food.

Dh suggested a buffet but there is no way I can serve up Icelands finest on this occasion!

HELP - what would you serve up?

TheMagicToyshop Wed 03-Dec-14 11:04:30

Homemade pizzas? You can make the dough the day before (I use delias recipe where you roll out the bases using polenta for extra crunch) and a tomato sauce. You can even pre chop toppings like peppers etc the day before then just roll out, assemble and cook in batches so people can pick at them. Maybe with some extras like crudity or salad, dips and olives. People are always impressed when I've made them before!

Mumraathenoisylion Wed 03-Dec-14 11:11:13

or a few different curries you can cook early and keep in the oven until it's time (one less spicy for the children) and they can eat from bowls standing up? (sorry not sure if that's very helpful).

You could do some posh finger food like mackerel pate on melba toast - good recipe

with some chicken drumsticks in sticky sauce Nigella african drumsticks they can be marinated the night before.

Some salads (with feta, olives, tomato or sun dried tomatoes, parmesan and parma ham) (or stilton, walnut and pear) and a a cheese slate? with some cut up veggies for the children too?

Home-made sausage rolls can be frozen - use pre-rolled pastry and chop some onion and sage into them to make it festive!!

Mumraathenoisylion Wed 03-Dec-14 11:15:02

and you could make a cheesecake the night before? I know a bit 80's but I love a baileys cheesecake and it's so easy to make using a food processor like this - nigella again

or use some wine glasses and make some eton mess so you can just stick them out with a spoon in and don't have to bother with cutting and getting plates.

a nice more adult sauce for the crudités - sauce

sweetheart Wed 03-Dec-14 12:01:21

I think we'll be having alcohol for pudding grin

piebald Wed 03-Dec-14 13:29:22

Curries or chili are all better made a day ahead. Or what about abig pot of soup and some snacky stuff, if its going to be a lkong day everyone will appreciate easy comforrt food
Would not make pudding, cheeseboard would be plenty or ice cream for kids
Easy buffet -cook a ham and serve baked potatoes, and coleslaw.
Just dont feel you have to compete with them!!

agoodbook Wed 03-Dec-14 21:10:07

How about- nan / poppadom, indian chutneys/dips and
Nigel Slater Roast Chicken with cardamom and yoghurt- its a great recipe- prepare and marinade day before, then plonk in oven on the day. It says chicken supremes, but I've done it with thighs and also chopped up chicken breasts

piebald Tue 09-Dec-14 18:53:11

What did you make in the end Sweetheart?

mumof2andlovingit Sat 13-Dec-14 22:24:55

I've got a killer recipe for stuffed mushrooms...they are always a huge hit when I've made them for parties. Cream cheese, Dutchy sausages, tabasco, parmesan cheese...I'm hungry now! they don't take too long and are very "fancy" but not too hard. Try this and add a few dashes of tabasco -

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